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City Renews Water, Wastewater Contract

The setting of the 2000 film "The Perfect Storm," Gloucester, Mass., was settled a... More

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10 Ways to Improve Local Water Quality

These products protect pipes from potential damage or alert operators if something... More

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Happy World Water Day!

How does the Trump administration's proposed budget affect investment in water... More

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Will Embracing Water Help Fight Flooding in New Orleans?

This strategy uses lessons learned since Hurricane Katrina to change how the city... More

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Network Data Management Solution for Water and Sewer

SCADAWatch V6.0 delivers Next-Generation Big Data Technologies, it lets utilities... More

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POTUS Ready to do Away with WOTUS

President Donald Trump is reportedly readying an executive order to kill off the "... More

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Intelligent Total Chlorine and Free Chlorine Analyzers

TC80 Total Chlorine and FC80 Free Chlorine Analyzers combine plug-n-play... More

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Honda Power Equipment Comprehensive Line of Water Pumps

Portable, powerful models designed for a wide variety of heavy-duty construction,... More

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ePIPE Team Awarded 17th US Patent

ePIPE Team Awarded US Patent for Cleaning and Sealing Pipes "In-Place", Providing... More

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First the Dams, Then the Levees

California water managers should be thrilled to see the drought end. However, the... More

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