Eliminate damaging “chatter” when submersible pumps handle low flows with these 1-inch check valves.

Flomatic Corporation introduces a new 1” sized VFD special patented pump check valve designed for use with variable-frequency drive (VFD) controlled submersible pumps. Standard check valves will “chatter” and be noisy when a VFD goes to low flow conditions, causing noise, premature wear, and eventual failure. The unique Model 100E VFD and 100ES VFD valve are designed to minimize flow losses and hydraulic shocks in the pumping system. In addition, both the inlet and outlet threaded area allow for longer pipe threads. An exclusive guided poppet system (optional SS poppet), ensures that the valve automatically adjusts noiselessly from high to very low flow rates. The unleaded bronze valve body incorporates internal parts that are made from corrosion-resistant materials and have a durable high strength design. The valve can be uniquely installed in either horizontal or vertical piping installations. The physical valve dimension and pressure rating are the same as for Flomatic’s popular Model 100LE.

Flomatic Corporation

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