Wastewater Treatment

  • Report: PVC fails less than any other pipeline material

    A second Utah State University study of PVC pipe performance in water and wastewater systems affirms the material’s 100-year lifespan. Previous research by the university’s Buried Structures Laboratory showed the pipe fails less often than ductile iron, cast iron, steel, concrete, and asbestos...

  • Introduction to bioremediation

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    Skimming the surface

    A clarifier retrofit project solves capacity and scum issues, while saving construction costs.

  • Algae clean wastewater and create biofuel

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    Advancing water-sector technology

    A wastewater manager explains how his East Coast plant adds a major renewable power system to its treatment process.

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    Masters of integration

    Preparing for life after build-out, a combined water/wastewater utility maximizes supply by piggybacking on an airport expansion.

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    Rebels with a cause

    Paul Revere's midnight ride once inspired the citizens of Lexington, Mass., to become the nation's first patriots. Today, public works is inspiring them to become revolutionaries once again.

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    Critical biomass

    Located in southeast Georgia between the Okefenokee Swamp and the St. Marys River, the city of Folkston has been blessed — and stressed — with residential and commercial growth over the last two decades.

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    Gas ‘N Go

    Treatment plant to use renewable energy to power itself.

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    Sewer bypass pump

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    Packaged MBR systems

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    Sucking in the Savings

    A veteran of both gravity and vacuum sewer systems crunches the numbers.

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    Off the Grid

    It's a hard lesson learned from an era of unprecedented growth in the housing market, when subdivisions were built faster than the infrastructure necessary to serve them. With traditional wastewater treatment plants facing restrictions on their total maximum daily loads (TMDLs), decentralized...

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    From Trash to Treasure

  • Setback breeds opportunity

  • Wastewater 101

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    Processing Success

    An Oregon city relies on sequencing batch reactor technology to clean up wastewater discharging into the economically vital Columbia River.

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    Vacuum sewer technology

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    Sewer Solution

  • From Micro to Nano

    Although companies are rapidly developing products incorporating nanotechnology, we don't fully understand the nature of these products.


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