Wastewater Collection

  • Progressing cavity pump by NETZSCH

    NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC, experts in solutions designed specifically for difficult pumping applications, offers the NEMO BF progressing cavity pump with an add-on asynchronous bridge preventing module (aBP-Module), which prevents the formation of lumps that can cause bridge building in a...

  • Road and sewer project a team effort

    City earns engineering award for multifaceted project that used three environmentally friendly asphalt rehabilitation methods.

  • Cantilevered bearings pump from Vanton

    This pump features a large diameter, plastic sleeved, stainless steel shaft that eliminates the need for immersing bearings or bushings, which enables the SGK pump to run-dry for indefinite periods of time.

  • Smarter lift stations

    Smart VFDs use algorithms to estimate flow and whether the pump is running within its preferred operating region. When combined with remote telemetry and big data, these units provide key performance data.

  • McLaughlin truck-mounted vacuum excavator

    The MEGA VX200 6-inch vacuum excavator series features spoil tank capacities ranging from 1,200 to 3,000 gallons and a standard option of 800 gallons of fresh water. It has a 6-inch hose diameter with a 3,200 CFM blower at 18 inches of mercury.

  • Chemical feed product lines from Hayward Flow Control

    The newly released products include Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure Relief Valves and Pump Calibration Columns. These new products expand Hayward’s industry leading range of thermoplastic fluid handling products and solutions for chemical dosing systems and corrosive environments.

  • Gearboxes from NORD

    NORD gearboxes are oil-tight, hygienic, and non-contaminating, which makes them ideal for mixing applications. NORD drives designed specifically for mixers and agitators are extremely rugged.

  • Canada's Largest Wastewater Outfall Project Awarded

    The City of Toronto is tunneling more than 2 miles under a lakebed to replace an outfall with one that can convey 1,040 million gallons of treated effluent daily.

  • New no-hassle hose on vacuum excavator from McLaughlin

    McLaughlin will introduce the next generation of its most popular vacuum excavator with an update that includes a no-hassle hose design that will help save crews time and energy.

  • Rubber flapper swing check valve from Flowmatic

    For standard or critical applications Flomatic swing check valves offer a wide range of convenience, performance and safety options. Full opening designs minimize pressure drop across the valve.

  • Thermoplastic pump from VANTON

    Plant services personnel and pump specifying engineers responsible for handling corrosive, abrasive and other aggressive fluids can now use CHEM-GARD CGA thermoplastic pumps which are inert to such liquids and thereby provide longer service life than metallic or fiberglass pumps.

  • Mobile Odor Control System From Dust Control Technology

    A global innovator in industrial odor control technology has announced a new heated model in its lineup of mobile equipment engineered to manage outdoor odor vapor from landfills, waste treatment facilities and other operations that experience cold weather.

  • Sewage Basin Option from Franklin Electric

    The Little Giant Pit+Plus Basin is an advanced, installation and service-friendly sewage basin option for plumbing contractors.

  • Joint Venture Named for $200 Million Flood Prevention Project

    Cleveland addresses combined sewer overflows with 36-million-gallon storage tunnel and pump station.

  • First-of-its-kind biosolids handling process debuts at Kenosha wastewater treatment plant

    New technology from CNP – Technology Water and Biosolids Corp. is critical in moving plant closer to energy independence, lower-volume and eco-friendly disposal.

  • Major Wastewater Utility Aims for ‘Energy Neutrality’

    The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago is testing technology that could reduce the energy required for biological aeration by 40%.

  • Water filtration plant configurations by Festo

    Plant operators and engineering firms will appreciate the speed and flexibility of modular water filtration design and construction.

  • Submersible pump from BJM Pumps

    Class F insulation allows motor temperatures to rise to 239° F. An automatic thermal switch turns the pump motor off if the temperature and/or amp draw rise too high.

  • Product Focus: Wastewater and Stormwater Products

    Here are 16 products to help you manage wastewater and stormwater. Many, but not all, were exhibited at three major water-related conventions this year: WEFTEC, which takes place Sept. 26-30 in Chicago, and StormCon and the American Water Works Association’s ACE15 Annual Meeting.

  • Fulfillment systems by World Water Works

    The systems are pre-wired and pre-plumbed for fast installation and include precalibrated chemical-feed control instrumentation.


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