Best Management Practices

  • Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority (PWSA) extends partnership with Veolia for interim executive management through 2015

    The Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority Board of Directors has voted to continue its nearly three-year partnership with Veolia North America, the world’s leading provider of environmental solutions.

  • First-of-its-kind stormwater crediting system

    Steal this idea: Minnesota’s analyzed how planting trees factors into meeting pollution permit goals.

  • 2014 APWA Congress Preshow Planner

    The Best Show in Public Works heads to Canada for the first time in 25 years. Here are some highlights to help you plan your trip.

  • High & dry: water supply in an era of drought

    Organized by the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association, the Whole Water Conference is open to anyone interested in resource planning, integrating recycled water, storm water, desalination, and groundwater management. Speakers include Marsi Steirer of San Diego Public...

  • Watertight tankers transport slurry to processing sites.

    Best management policies for CGR

    How concrete grinding residue is managed varies across the country. It can be spread along adjacent slopes as the operation moves down the road. In some rural areas and areas with closed drainage systems, it's collected and hauled to a landfill.

  • Kristar + Bio-Mod precast bioretention system

    Bio-Mod is a modular bioretention system consisting of modular, precast concrete. It helps enhance filter performance, structural integrity, and reduced construction and maintenance costs.

  • U.S. mayors urge EPA to reform water regulation plan

    The third most-costly item for most cities is providing clean water per EPA standards. Local government expenditures to remain compliant have increased from $50 billion in 1995 to $103 billion in 2009 while the federal government kicks in only $2 billion annually for the state revolving loan...

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    How to hold the line on construction site runoff costs

    Five ways to manage impending erosion and sediment control requirements.

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    Next-generation recycling

    A West Coast city shaves the cost of installing one of the nation's largest membrane bioreactor systems by one-third.

  • Trading Away Pollution

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    Bacteria in the Bayous

    In urban waterways, bacteria can come from many sources: storm-water runoff, illicit discharges, wildlife, leaking septic systems, sanitary sewer overflows, stream sediments, wastewater effluent, topsoil, and leaking sanitary sewer systems. Some contribute pollutants during dry weather and some...

  • Schools study stormwater systems

    Two universities have joined forces to study how well stormwater best management practices (BMPs) address pollution, water quality, and sustainability.

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    Keeping it real

    After several years of planning, the public works project is finally approved. The rush begins to get permits in place and procure the necessary support to move the project along. The team makes a final check of the drawings and is ready to break ground. Then at the project kick-off meeting...


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