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Flood Control

  • Florida Flood Relief

    Road-and-drainage department proceeds with original canal enclosure plan, despite unforeseen complications.

  • Bratislava has seen its share of war and conflict; this manhole cover dates back just 20 years, after it became the capital of the newly formed Slovak Republic.

    Manhole masterpieces

    Manhole covers serve a very important function in protecting and allowing access to underground infrastructure. Cities and agencies around...

  • Though roughly twice as much as self-leveling steel covers, Monctons Sewer Systems Department estimates the frames will pay for themselves over time by reducing systemwide inflow and infiltration by one- to two-thirds.

    Cost-effective off-road I&I reduction

    Two ways to minimize extraneous flows in rural areas. The Canadian city of Moncton in New Brunswixk serves as an example.


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Erosion & Sediment Control

  • July 20: Intro to Erosion, Sediment Control

    Even if you're not an International Erosion Control Association member, this webinar is a bargain at $65. One certificate issued per...

  • Dredging up savings

    A county's one-department approach to problem-solving saves resources by taking advantage of an asset taxpayers already own.

  • 14 sustainable maintenance ideas

    Step by step, two divisions of the Orange County (Fla.) Public Works Department have found these unique ways to lower air and water...


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