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Flood Control

  • Bratislava has seen its share of war and conflict; this manhole cover dates back just 20 years, after it became the capital of the newly formed Slovak Republic.

    Manhole masterpieces

    Manhole covers serve a very important function in protecting and allowing access to underground infrastructure. Cities and agencies around...

  • Though roughly twice as much as self-leveling steel covers, Monctons Sewer Systems Department estimates the frames will pay for themselves over time by reducing systemwide inflow and infiltration by one- to two-thirds.

    Cost-effective off-road I&I reduction

    Two ways to minimize extraneous flows in rural areas. The Canadian city of Moncton in New Brunswixk serves as an example.

  • The new stormwater rule for MS4s

    Everything you need to know to develop a compliant program for your next permit.


Stormwater Products

Stormwater Rules & Regulations


Erosion & Sediment Control

Erosion & Sediment Control Products


Best Management Practices

  • Watertight tankers transport slurry to processing sites.

    Best management policies for CGR

    How concrete grinding residue is managed varies across the country. It can be spread along adjacent slopes as the operation moves down the road. In some rural areas and areas with closed drainage systems, it's collected and hauled to a landfill.

  • Kristar + Bio-Mod precast bioretention system

    Bio-Mod is a modular bioretention system consisting of modular, precast concrete. It helps enhance filter performance, structural integrity, and reduced construction and maintenance costs.

  • U.S. mayors urge EPA to reform water regulation plan

    The third most-costly item for most cities is providing clean water per EPA standards. Local government expenditures to remain compliant have increased from $50 billion in 1995 to $103 billion in 2009 while the federal government kicks in only $2 billion annually for the state revolving loan...


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