Water Supply & Storage

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    Five award-winning water landmarks

    Results of Tnemec Co. Inc. 's fifth annual Tank of the Year awards.

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    A lesson in reservoir risk management

    Award-winning use of perforated plastic pipe relieves upward pressure on underwater liner.

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    A new landmark in town

    Composite water tower stabilizes rates and pressure for 36-square-mile township.

  • Tanks for the memories

    A Kansas water tower rises above the crowd, thanks to aesthetic design, a tough coating, and the story behind it.

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    3 fallacies of ‘the grid’

    Why what might work for electricity won't work for water.

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    Floating dredging equipment minimizes traffic congestion

    Fast-tracked sediment removal paves the way for Stage 2 disinfection byproduct improvements.

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    Intake issues

    A drought-stricken water supplier ensures the flow will continue.

  • Shock Treatment

    New plasma discharge technology cleans, disinfects, and renovates wells.

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    The Long and Winding Road

    Permitting a water source in an environmentally sensitive area.

  • Water Shortages Threaten Electrical Grid

    The Scripps Institution of Oceanography says there's a 50% chance that within the next decade the 2,080-megawatt Hoover Dam could receive too little water to produce power.

  • Water Supply

    How bad was the drought that plagued much of the U.S. last year? According to Georgia's Gov. Sonny Perdue, it couldn't have been much worse.

  • A tasty new weapon in the battle against bottled

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    Reservoir Daisies

    Rather than buy land for a new reservoir, the city opted to revamp the existing one. Unfortunately, the public works staff didn't have the time or expertise to perform the work themselves.

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    Life in the Fast Lane

    With the population of Fort Smith, Ark., expected to double to 300,000 over the next 40 years, utilities director Steve Parke had to find a way to provide the growing community with drinking water without affecting current supplies.

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    Watersense Pushes to Drop the Drips

    According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, 36 states anticipate a water shortage by 2013. That's an alarming number, and it's only six years away.

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    Floating toward the future

    An award-winning design imagines how Chicago would look if water were as precious as oil.

  • Water, water everywhere...

    In Nevada, where water is scarce and growth is at an all-time high, municipal and regional water departments are fighting over who gets access to new water sources and how much they can drain.

  • Every drop counts

    A new audit methodology determines loss by volume and cost, not loss-rate percentages, making “unaccounted-for” water the nation's largest untapped source of water.

  • Gender-bending fish found in potomac

    Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey pulled a bunch of male sea bass from the river and found they were producing eggs, something boy fish don't usually do.

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    Swamped in the Everglades

    Now that the Everglades's natural water flow has been altered to civilize Florida, civilization is attempting to alter the wetlands again, this time to save the Everglades.


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