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    NASTT + trenchless technology resources

    The association offers educational programming and informational resources to help navigate trenchless technology, including conferences, webinars, publications, and research.

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    Milliken + GeoSpray pipe rehabilitation mortar

    Designed for structural rehabilitation of pipes, GeoSpray is a riber-reinforced mortar made from natural mineral polymers and material recovered from industrial waste streams.

  • Hadronex + SmartCover sewer overflow prevention

    The self-contained SmartCover monitoring system helps water and wastewater managers deal with common problems.

  • Exponent + engineering consulting

    The firm offers engineering and scientific consulting for agencies in a range of areas.

  • PISTA Works

    Smith & Loveless Inc. has shipped its first PISTA Works Headworks System, the latest innovation offering four headworks processes on one skid package.


    Vactor + 2100 Plus

    The Vactor 2100 Plus features increased vacuum performance and improvements to operator comfort and control, air routing, filtration

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    Underground Solutions, Inc. + Fusible PVC

    Fusible PVC provides both trenchless and open-cut projects with economical solutions.

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    SubSurface Instruments + All Materials Locator

    The All Materials Locator (AML) unit is a highly sensitive tool that utilizes advanced,

  • Inland Pipe Rehabilitation + RS BlueLine System

    The RS BlueLine system, a licensed cured-in place pipe system is approved for the renewal of all municipal

  • Hydra-Stop + IVP 250

    The new 16 in. IVP 250 is a permanent, insertable gate valve offering increased strength, improved performance, and simplified

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    Endot + PE4710

    With High Performance Bi-Modal PE4710 pipe and tubing, municipal water systems using either Copper Tube Size SDR 9 or Iron Pipe Size

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    DuraLabel + Pipe Marking Guide

    Labels and tags aiding in leak detection and wastewater treatment pipe maintenance are used by cities and counties to identify

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    ConShield Technologies + Crystal-X

    Crystal-X is designed to address a full range of situations and conditions.

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    Asahi America + Chem Prolok

    Chem Prolok is a thermoplastic double wall piping system to help meet EPA requirements for underground chemical transfer.


    American Concrete Pipe Association + Precast Pipe

    Precast concrete pipe and box culverts provide the strength and versatility for your underground storage projects. Precast concrete

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    Subaru Pumps

    The company’s full line of pumps meets every dewatering need — from its smallest centrifugal units for effectively pumping clear water to its large diaphragm models for handling thicker, debris-litt

  • Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp pliers

    Three quick-adjust models for electricians and two toungue-and-groove models for plumbers.

  • CertainTeed Corp. Certa-Lok C900 RJIB

    Certa-Lok C900 RJIB (for “restrained joint integral bell”) features the company’s standard mechanical joining system of precision-machined grooves and nylon spline for tensile strength in pulling/push.

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    Johnston Controls free water audit

    The company offers free AWWA water audits to help municipalities learn where and how losses are occurring (i.e., leaks, inaccurate meters, processes, human error), and how much they are costing their

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    Products from 2012 APWA Congress exhibitors

    More produts from the APWA Congress show floor


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