Water Products

  • Graywater harvesting system

    Recycle shower and sink, washing machine, and dishwasher wastewater into a steady and reliable water supply for a commercial or institutional building’s toilet flushing requirements.

  • Polymer-free biosolids separation (VIDEO)

    Not just spin. Revolution. That’s the tagline for a U.S.-made dewatering centrifuge that earned a 2013 Water Environment Federation (WEF) Innovative Technology Award.

  • Wireless water-security alarm

    Designed to tell the difference between hail or heavy rain and a real threat, the Intrusion Detection System is rated for a maximum of one false alarm per year.

  • Fiberglass electric control, pump shelter

    These full-size shelters can be comparable in cost to concrete blocks.

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    NASTT + trenchless technology resources

    The association offers educational programming and informational resources to help navigate trenchless technology, including conferences, webinars, publications, and research.

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    Milliken + GeoSpray pipe rehabilitation mortar

    Designed for structural rehabilitation of pipes, GeoSpray is a riber-reinforced mortar made from natural mineral polymers and material recovered from industrial waste streams.

  • Hadronex + SmartCover sewer overflow prevention

    The self-contained SmartCover monitoring system helps water and wastewater managers deal with common problems.

  • Exponent + engineering consulting

    The firm offers engineering and scientific consulting for agencies in a range of areas.

  • PISTA Works

    Smith & Loveless Inc. has shipped its first PISTA Works Headworks System, the latest innovation offering four headworks processes on one skid package.


    Vactor + 2100 Plus

    The Vactor 2100 Plus features increased vacuum performance and improvements to operator comfort and control, air routing, filtration

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    Underground Solutions, Inc. + Fusible PVC

    Fusible PVC provides both trenchless and open-cut projects with economical solutions.

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    SubSurface Instruments + All Materials Locator

    The All Materials Locator (AML) unit is a highly sensitive tool that utilizes advanced,

  • Inland Pipe Rehabilitation + RS BlueLine System

    The RS BlueLine system, a licensed cured-in place pipe system is approved for the renewal of all municipal

  • Hydra-Stop + IVP 250

    The new 16 in. IVP 250 is a permanent, insertable gate valve offering increased strength, improved performance, and simplified

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    Endot + PE4710

    With High Performance Bi-Modal PE4710 pipe and tubing, municipal water systems using either Copper Tube Size SDR 9 or Iron Pipe Size

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    DuraLabel + Pipe Marking Guide

    Labels and tags aiding in leak detection and wastewater treatment pipe maintenance are used by cities and counties to identify

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    ConShield Technologies + Crystal-X

    Crystal-X is designed to address a full range of situations and conditions.

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    Asahi America + Chem Prolok

    Chem Prolok is a thermoplastic double wall piping system to help meet EPA requirements for underground chemical transfer.


    American Concrete Pipe Association + Precast Pipe

    Precast concrete pipe and box culverts provide the strength and versatility for your underground storage projects. Precast concrete

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    Subaru Pumps

    The company’s full line of pumps meets every dewatering need — from its smallest centrifugal units for effectively pumping clear water to its large diaphragm models for handling thicker, debris-litt


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