Water Products


    Protective film for corrugated steel pipe

    Film is laminated to provide corrosion and abrasion barrier against acids, salts, and alkalis.

  • Marking equipment

    Create and print custom pipe markers, tags, and labels.

  • Left-Font view

    Pipelayer converts into excavator

    Pipeplayer rotates 360 degrees, lifts 90 tons.

  • Locate leaky pipes

    Leak noise correlator IDs and locates leaks in water distribution systems.

  • Pipe lining system

    CentriPipe pipe lining system inhibits rust and resists abrasion.

  • Sanitary sewer pipe

    SaniTite HP pipe has a smooth interior and exterior wall design.

  • Concrete cylinder pipe

    Bar-wrapped cylinder pipe requires minimal maintenance and has a long service life.

  • Full-size hydro excavator

    The HXX Hydro-Excavator tackles large-volume excavations and operates continuously for up to seven hours.

  • Trenchless pipe rehab

    Gravity pipe and culverts can be rehabbed by Spiral-Wound pipe rehab technologies.

  • UV CIPP installation equipment

    Use the Quality-Tracker System to install UV-cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners.

  • Plastic pipe resource

    The Plastic Pipe Institute provides expertise and guidance for public works agencies and others.

  • File name            	:DSC_7263.JPG

File size            	:2.0MB(2132443Bytes)

Date taken           	:2003/04/17 00:25:49

Image size           	:3008 x 1960

Resolution           	:300 x 300 dpi

Number of bits       	:8bit/channel

Protection attribute 	:Off

Hide Attribute       	:Off

Camera ID            	:N/A

Camera               	:NIKON D1X

Quality mode         	:FINE

Metering mode        	:Matrix

Exposure mode        	:Manual

Speed light          	:No

Focal length         	:28 mm

Shutter speed        	:1/60second

Aperture             	:F18.0

Exposure compensation	:0 EV

White Balance        	:Flash

Lens                 	:28 - 105 mm F 3.5 - 4.5

Flash sync mode      	:N/A

Exposure difference  	:-4.5 EV

Flexible program     	:No

Sensitivity          	:ISO160

Sharpening           	:High

Image Type           	:Color

Color Mode           	:Mode II(Adobe RGB)

Hue adjustment       	:3

Saturation Control   	:N/A

Tone compensation    	:Normal

Latitude(GPS)        	:N/A

Longitude(GPS)       	:N/A

Altitude(GPS)        	:N/A

    Well casing

    Certa-Lok PVC well casing forms a full-strength joint in all weather conditions.

  • Centrifugally cast pipe

    Pipe for sliplining, jacking, microtunneling, and other trenchless installation methods.

  • Video nozzle

    JetScan video nozzle mounts to any jetter hose, capturing HD footage of sewer and stormwater pipe.

  • Pipe splitting tool

    Split HDPE pipe with wall thicknesses from 0.097 to 0.216 inches.

  • Ductile iron pipe

    Pipe and valve provide restraint against separation due to thrust and requires no hardware.

  • Industrial piping system

    Polyethylene piping system is designed for harsh liquid chemical applications.

  • Chemical grout

    AV-100 low-viscosity gel creates long-lasting water barriers and superb soil stabilization.

  • Graywater harvesting system

    The system removes biological and chemical contaminants, just like a municipal treatment train.

  • Graywater harvesting system

    Recycle shower and sink, washing machine, and dishwasher wastewater into a steady and reliable water supply for a commercial or institutional building’s toilet flushing requirements.


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