• Mobile preshredders from Metso

    Metso Recycling a supplier of shredders for the recycling industry is offering two new mobile pre-shredders the M&J PreShred 4000 shredders.

  • SmartBin releases IoT remote monitoring sensor

    SmartBin announced its newest intelligent waste monitoring solution, the Metro series with Internet of Things (IoT) network connectivity and options for ultrasonic and infrared fill-level detection.

  • Wrightspeed Route is a range-extended electric vehicle powertrain

    Designed as an alternative driveline, the Wrightspeed Route is a range-extended electric vehicle powertrain that helps reduce fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs.

  • Meridian Front Loaders

    McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing, Inc. has introduced the Latitude Integration residential collection system.

  • Industrial compactor from SP Industries

    Heavy Duty, Stationary Compactor for Wide Range of Applications.

  • Peterbilt expands refuse truck line

    Peterbilt Motors Company has expanded its refuse truck lineup with the new Model 520 featuring new seating configurations for route collection versatility.

  • Commercial-grade waste containers

    Toter, a Wastequip brand, manufacturer of products used in the collection of waste, recycling, and organics, has introduced a redesigned line of commercial-grade Atlas stationary waste containers built to withstand tough jobsite abuse.

  • Refuse collection vehicle for parks

    One person can pick up 400+ containers in a normal working day without ever leaving the cab with Broyhill's LOAD-AND-PACK.

  • Landfill biogas flow meter

    ST98 Air/Gas Flow Meter from Fluid Components International measures biogases accurately with virtually no maintenance over a long life to provide a lowest lifecycle cost instrumentation solution.

  • Recycling carts customized with extra safety, security features

    The 50P Series recycling carts in the Poly-Trux line are offered with a choice of optional safety and security features to help safeguard workers from injuries and help prevent access to valuable materials contained inside the carts.

  • Weigh-in-motion axle scale systems from Intercomp

    The LS-WIM Weigh-in-Motion Axle Scale Systems are now NTEP Certified making them Legal for Trade when weighing in static mode. Intercomp has also released a new purpose-built indicator as a solution for a variety of truck traffic applications.

  • Solar landfill covers

    MiaSolé FLEX modules provide the ideal solution for solar power generation on exposed geo-membrane landfill covers. Landfills are located on large, open areas with no commercial or agriculture use or value perfect for solar installations. Landfills provide a large power-generation area and fewer...

  • Precision Series Compactor Line from Wastequip

    The 245IP compactor has a space maximizing 2-cubic-yard charge box, and is ideal for handling dry waste. It is the third model to be offered in Wastequip’s Precision Series compactor line.

  • 50-ton baler by Catawba Baler & Equipment

    The Gold Rush Series 12/9 two-ram baler with optional jam-release system enables operators to safely clear jams in minutes

  • Convenient, efficient glass processor from Cemco

    The Glass Processing Plant turns 3,500 lbs. of glass into 3/8-in. sand that can be used on playgrounds and for landscaping in just one hour.

  • Container-locking kit by Galbreath

    Compatible with most cable hoist, hook hoist, and trailer brands, the roll-off container locking system comes with an air brake protection valve.

  • Waste haul tires from Goodyear

    Built into the tire during manufacturing, optional DuraSeal technology automatically seals ¼-in. punctures.

  • Intercomp vehicle scale

    In-ground platform scales force drivers to wait in line and stop to manually receive their vehicle’s weight.

  • Rehrig Pacific organics cart

    The 32-gallon EnviroGuard doesn’t have to be unlocked before collection, and works with both manual and automated collection systems.

  • Rear loader for organics collection from McNEILUS

    McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing introduced an Organics Package available for all McNeilus rear loaders.


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