Alternative to plastic daily covers

The BioCover Alternative Daily Cover is a hydraulically applied product manufactured from thermally refined wood fibers combined with cellulose fiber and a viscous hydro-colloid tackifier. Upon application, it provides a uniform layer between landfill waste and the surrounding environment. BioCover is an alternative to soil, mulch, or plastic daily covers. Profile Products LLC.

Full-eject automated side loader

The new McNeilus ZR Series full-eject automated side loader includes an arm that has a true zero-radius motion, eliminating arm kick-out, which can be a problem in alleys or tight urban streets. The simple arm reduces total cost of ownership by lowering maintenance costs and increasing efficiency and driver productivity. Its fast cycle times of approximately 6 seconds, ground-to-ground, increase productivity. McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing Inc.

Small-area recycling

New recycling containers allow either one-stream recycling or three-separate-stream recycling to be collected within a small area. The metal containers are available in 15 in. (24 gal.) or 18 in. (34.5 gal.) for the collection of paper, clear plastics, glass, and other recyclable materials. Witt Industries.

Parallel body restraints on truck top

The new TarpARMOR Fall Protection System includes Bi-Line Fall Restraint, SafeMount Ladder Assist, and Expandable Garbage Gear. Bi-Line Fall Restraint is the centerpiece of the system; it consists of two parallel restraint lines that are permanently mounted to the top of the vehicle body, a dual lanyard that connects to the restraint lines, and a comfortable belt worn by the operator. TarpArmor.

Prevent injuries off dump beds

Patented Dump-Lok steel braces lock your truck's dump bed in the raised position, preventing it from falling in cases of system failure or operator error. Dump-Lok can safely hold dump beds at higher angles than manufacturer-provided props, giving employees safe access to a wider area underneath the dump bed. Model DL105 steel braces fit up to a 4.5-in. flange (1 in. above standard dump truck flange sizes). Dump-Lok is designed with easy-to-grip handles, making each steel brace easy to carry and install between the truck frame and dump box. WorkSafe USA Inc.

Eliminate VOCs using electricity

This nonthermal plasma technology-based system controls, reduces, and destroys odor and emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It oxidizes the air, converting the VOCs into safe compounds such as carbon dioxide and water. Air Phaser's third-generation technology incorporates a high-energy electrical plasma field with an integrated catalyst system. Air Phaser Environmental Ltd.

Grind wood waste in one pass

Ideal for municipalities and waste handling facilities, the 35-ft. MP2 Mobile Wood Grinder/Colorizer tows conveniently with a 2-ton truck and sets up in minutes. The feed system has a 56x18- in. infeed clearance and a 56-in.x12-ft. steel belt infeed conveyor. Rotochopper Inc.

Electric drive now in waste handling

The D7E Track-Type Tractor, equipped with a diesel-electric power train, uses 10% to 30% less fuel and, on average, moves 10% more material per hour than its predecessor, the Cat D7R. A heavy-duty radiator guard shields the D7E's three-section cooling system, and a new dual-hinge design allows the guard to fold away completely for easy cleaning access — without removing the lift cylinder. Caterpillar Inc.

Small loader for C&D jobs

The dimensions of the 305 Multihandler (15.7 ft. long, 8.2 ft. high, 8.1 ft. wide) combined with three different steering systems — crab steering, all-wheel steering, and front-wheel steering — allows work in tight areas. Plus, the hydraulic hirise cab allows operators a bird's-eye view of the job. Sennebogen LLC.

Versatile grapple for various materials

The New Generation Rotobec orange peel grapples have sealed oversized pins and bushings, high-pressure cylinders with durable guarding, and mechanical stoppers in both fully opened and fully closed positions. Hydraulic hoses and adapters are protected from exposure by high-strength steel guards that prevent hose tearing and infiltration of debris. It is available in various sizes with 4 or 5 tines. The grapple can handle a range of materials such as scrap metal, recycled material, and shredded material. Rotobec.

Lift recycling carts easily

The MOD multiple tooling program, including the Poly-Trux 50P-16R recycling cart, covers the 50P-16 collection cart and several optional accessories as well as the 50P-16S Scrapasaurus, a variation fitted with fork tubes for secure lifting, rotating, and dumping by forklift. Secure covers, locks, paper grade dividers, custom colors, and graphics are among the custom selections and accessories available. Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.

75,000-lb.-capacity cable

The Cable75, a 75,000-pound-capacity Cable Hoist, is an improved redesign of the SI60 model. Stellar has decreased the shipping weight, which increases payload up to 1,700 additional pounds. Other features include a 47-degree dump angle; fewer cylinders and seal kits to maintain; improved cable routing; use of stainless steel pins, grease zerks, and bushings; and use of wear strips. Stellar Industries.