Auto-closing tarp

The Super Slider cable system is available with an option that holds the tarp above the load, then automatically closes to seal off the load at the tailgate. The feature eliminates the need for a rear flap, and avoids the need to climb up on the tailgate to fasten it down. In addition, it saves time, seals better, and improves aerodynamics for improved vehicle mileage. Pulltarps Manufacturing.

Custom compactor

Cram-A-Lot trash compactors can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your agency. Choose a unit with capacity ranging from 4 cu. yds. (suitable for smaller sites and jobs) or 15 cu. yds. (for use at larger facilities). Features include efficient, innovative hydraulic-circuit power units, efficient cooling and hydraulics, and durable controls. Cram-A-Lot/ J.V. Manufacturing Inc.

Detachable truck body

This versatile vehicle body enables fleet managers to get a higher level of productivity out of their trucks. Change from a dump to a platform to a storage body easily in minutes. Designed for solid waste, landscaping, and other purposes, the body adds only 500 pounds more to the chassis weight than an ordinary dump truck. The dump runs with electrically powered hydraulics. Bucks Switch-N-Go.

Side-load tippers

VersaTipperT units dump high and deep into a refuse vehicle's hopper. The units—easily mounted on most side-loading vehicles—can handle up to 1500 pounds of waste or recyclables at once. The smallest tippers can handle two-wheel carts containing 35 to 95 gallons of waste. The largest tipper in the line can manage comb-and-trunnion containers holding as much as 290 gallons. The lifting mechanisms are either rotary actuators or hydraulic cylinders. Industrial Lifters.

High-speed baler

The HS8543 is suitable for continuous use in a materials recycling facility. Capable of handling more than 50 tons per hour, the unit features a large feed opening (80½343½ inches) and twin motors; the design helps the unit work at high speeds and output favorable bale density without heavy power usage. Cycle time is less than eight seconds, and the machine can output bales weighing as much as 2500 pounds. American Baler Co.

Roll-off containers

MM40OT-RMD rectangular open-top containers are custom manufactured to fit your required specifications. Choose from light-, medium-, or heavy-duty models, in capacities from 20 to 40 cu. yds. Features include rugged hinges, rear-corner gusset, and a Wastec-approved ladder. In addition, the three-point locking device, with an engaged handle, keeps the load securely inside the container. RJM Waste Equipment.

Low-entry, cab-over trucks

The TerraPro Low Entry has a low-to-the-ground cab height (17 inches) for easy, one-step entry and exit for curbside pickup; it can be configured for front, side, or rear loading. The Cabover model offers a range of features designed to increase operator comfort, making long hauls easier to endure—ergonomic seats, well-placed controls, easy-to-read gauges, and accelerator and brake pedals suspended above the floor and mounted inline. All vehicles in the line include fail-safe braking, various engine options, and the company's V-MAC IV vehicle management and control system. Mack Trucks Inc.

Litter receptacles

Progressive Litter Receptacles are large, durable, attractive containers ideal for use in public areas—in parks, near sports fields, and along trails. The four-opening design makes it convenient to place refuse inside, meaning less will end up on the ground. Also, the domed top and mold-in gutters discourage birds and animals from getting inside. The containers are strong, resistant to stains and fading, will not leak, and are lightweight. Roto Industries Inc.

Tub grinder

Ideal for recycling organic waste, the TG5000 has a large opening (5 feet deep and 12 feet wide) for loading high volumes of material. The placement of the hammermill—which cuts under the tub's vertical wall—reduces the amount of material buildup, and the four tub wall agitators help reduce bridging and increases production. Choose from two Caterpillar six-cylinder diesel engines: the 540-hp C15, or 440-hp C13. Options include a cab/ loader, compressor, and different grapples. Vermeer Manufacturing Co.

Refuse vehicles

The Condor line of refuse vehicles offers solid-waste fleet managers a broad range of engine and feature options. The automated 880S offers a large, high-visibility cab, with a third-man cab option. The front-loading 830S has a roomy interior and tilt-steering column. The Class-7 780S is designed for single-axle rear and automated loaders. Each of the models is available with a variety of engine and transmission choices, with equipment from Cummins, Caterpillar, and Allison available. American LaFrance.

Upgraded automated loader

The company has enhanced its Rapid Rail continuous pack automated side loader to provide added durability, and ease of maintenance and operation. A tapered cross-section main lift beam on the arm lets the device better handle the stresses imposed on the lift's backbone. The new proximity switches require fewer adjustments than the previous mechanical switches. Also, electrical cab controls have been improved to help smooth the machine's performance. Heil Environmental.