Large refuse compactor

The BC1172RB refuse compactor features a premium wheel/tooth design, with one-piece, chill-cast teeth made of high-strength, wear-resistant material. Powered by a 536-hp, water-cooled engine, the unit has an operating weight of 120,000 pounds. Other characteristics include a sealed-tub design, standard 17-foot leveling blade, 99,000-pound pushing force, and ergonomic operator cab. The control layout and electronic joystick steering make operation simple and comfortable, and the load-sensing feature provides smooth steering and blade control. Bomag Americas Inc.

Heavy-duty compactor

The CH-05 compactor—a heavy-duty, 5-cubic-yard model—is designed for heavy industrial and transfer station application. It offers a maximum ram force of 92,300 pounds, and a cycle time of 32 seconds. The pump capacity is 63 gallons per minute, and the tank holds 180 gallons. The unit's total weight is 11,500 pounds, and its maximum operating pressure is 2400 psi. The machine runs on a 30-hp electric motor. Contact the company regarding custom-designed refuse solutions. Cram-A-Lot/JV Mfg. Inc.

Drum compactors

The Ram Flat line of compactors includes seven models to meet a wide range of waste-handling applications. Each can compact hazardous waste and/or low-level waste within 55- or 85-gallon drums. With compaction forces ranging from 20,000 to 85,000 pounds, the units can reduce waste bulk and disposal costs by up to 90%. Some of the models can crush 55-gallon drums down to 3- to 7-inch flat metal pancakes. The volume reduction lowers disposal costs and prevents reuse of contaminated containers. Each machine is rugged, versatile, and easy to use. S&G Enterprises Inc.

Preload compaction system

The TransPak reload compaction system forms load-sized, untied, densified logs of solid waste and recyclable material. After a log is formed, the machine slides the free-standing load into a trailer or container. The process helps create a cleaner, safer, more environmentally friendly transfer station. All models in the line are designed to handle solid waste, construction and demolition debris, yard waste, and white goods; specific models can handle light metals, auto bodies, and other materials. Harris Waste Management Group Inc.

Custom conveyors

The company offers a range of conveyors to meet a broad range of compaction applications, with many custom features to meet your particular needs. Features and options include carbon- or stainless-steel construction; slider bed type; horizontal, inclined, or combination configuration; belts in PVC or rubber, cleated or flat; portable or stationary versions; and specialty-application characteristics. Each of the machines is designed to offer favorable performance and durability, with quick and easy access to critical parts for simplified repair and maintenance. The C.S. Bell Co.

High-volume baler

The 6042 wide-mouth baler—engineered to deliver low operating costs and high productivity—handles paper, miscellaneous fibers, light metals, and high-density polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate plastics. Standard features include a color touchscreen and a five-tie automatic wire tier. A slick material tension chamber self-adjusts to different materials for jam-free operation. It has a 41 ×60-inch hopper and can bale up to 25,000 cubic feet per hour, with cycle times as short as 10.2 seconds. Choose from three cylinder sizes, capable of producing up to 235,000 pounds of compressing force. American Baler Co.

Stationary compactors

The company offers a line of stationary compactors, available in sizes from 1/3-cubic-yard apartment compactors to 10-cubic-yard transfer-station compactors. Solid waste is compacted into containers or transfer trailers, which are picked up and emptied at a disposal site. Feed openings up to 80×120 inches and pre-crusher models are available for bulky or hard-to-compact refuse. A wide range of options are offered. The machines help reduce disposal costs, enhance safety, conserve space, and lower labor costs. Ver-Tech Inc.

Large oscillation roller

The O120V large asphalt compactor incorporates oscillation technology, which uses horizontal shear forces on hot-mix asphalt, rather than forcing it down with an up-and-down motion. This ensures that the drum maintains constant contact with the ground for faster, more effective compaction. The machine has an operating weight of 26,345 pounds, drum width of 78 inches, offset working width of 81.5 inches, and working speed of 3.9 mph. The rear drum boasts an oscillation force from 46,125 to 62,775 pounds; the front drum offers conventional vibration, with a top frequency of 3000 vpm. Wirtgen America Inc.

Portable emergency signs

Redi-Alert RDES (rapid-dispatch emergency signs) can be used by public works managers, DOT personnel, and other first responders in emergency applications. The signs communicate critical information and urge caution in danger situations. One person can set a sign up in less than 5 minutes. The illuminated 3×5-foot screen is visible in nearly any weather conditions. The keyboard, optional PDA, or wireless device can program up to three lines of messaging. It runs on a 12V power source; solar panels, battery packs, and car adapters are optional. Redi-Alert.

Compact sweeper

With numerous added features, the enhanced Air Cub LX sweeper offers quiet, efficient operation in a compact machine. New characteristics include a 49-hp Deere auxiliary engine, automatic impeller fan belt tensioning, user-friendly controls, side brooms that scrub in front of the pickup head, spray water indicator light, and selectable water flow rates. The unit is suitable for use in parking lots, narrow streets, post-event cleanup tasks, and routine maintenance. Its powerful performance and quiet operation make it ideal for day or night use. Elgin Sweeper Co.