Pop quiz: You have $6400 lying around the house, and you're headed out of town on a business trip. What do you do with the money?

A:Drive to the bank and deposit it into your savings account.

B: Put the money into an IRA.

C: Wrap it in a garbage bag and stick it in the bottom of your kitchen trash can.

One Chinese gentleman chose C. Not smart.

“We looked around our home and finally decided to hide the money in the garbage bin, where we believed it was safest from burglary,” he says.

Trouble is, he and his wife had a brain lapse and completely forgot about the stash of cash in the trash. The day after the now-unhappy couple returned to their home in Qingdao City, they tossed the garbage—and their life savings along with it—and didn't remember the loot until two days later. When he rushed to his building's garbage room, he found it had already been spirited away to the local dump.

“The landfill is so vast that we knew our money was lost forever,” he says.

Chinese authorities are advising citizens to be on the lookout for well-dressed garbagemen.