DENVER, CO – A new recycling program is making its way to two of Denver’s parks. Starting today, a pilot program to boost recycling efforts will be launched in Washington Park and Cheesman Park. Denver Public Works and Denver Parks and Recreation are partnering to bring this new recycling program to these regional parks to help keep recyclable materials out of our landfills.

Thirteen specially designed large purple recycling containers will be placed on the perimeter of Washington and Cheesman Parks. Starting today, visitors will be able to recycle all of the same materials in these parks that they recycle in their purple carts at home. This includes cans, plastic bottles and containers, cardboard, paper, and many other items. In order for the pilot program to be a success, park goers should be sure to keep all non-recyclable materials out of the purple containers. Denver is asking park visitors to only put designated recyclables in the purple recycling containers.

Some of the common contaminants to recycling that are not allowed in the purple recycling dumpsters include; plastic bags, pet waste, food, food soiled paper, and Styrofoam. These items are not recyclable.

The pilot recycling program is currently planned to run for six months. If the pilot program is successful, Denver Recycles and Denver Parks and Recreation hope to expand recycling to other City parks in the future.

The parks recycling program is a partnership between the Denver Public Works’ Denver Recycles program and Denver Parks and Recreation. For more information about Denver Recycles’ programs, visit