Unlike other small carts in the market, Toter’s new 35-gallon cart has an extra-large footprint and 10” wheels, making it the most stable small cart available.

Designed to satisfy market demand for smaller-sized carts for refuse and organics collection, this new 35-gallon cart complies with local franchise rate structures that often require 35-gallon carts. Like all Toter carts, the 35-gallon cart is engineered for superior toughness. With Toter’s patented stress-free Advanced Rotational Molding process, Rugged Rim technology, and reinforcements in critical wear areas, these carts are built to last – in fact, Toter carts have the longest lifespan (15 to 20 years), and lowest lifecycle cost available.

Toter’s new 35-gallon cart is packed with industry-leading features:

• Manufactured with Toter’s own patented, stress-free Advanced Rotational Molding process for superior product durability for years and years of service life.

• Patented Rugged Rim technology adds rigidity, and reinforced material in critical wear areas extends life.

• Fully sealed, leak-proof design with factory-installed 360° rotating steel stop bar is perfect for solid waste, recyclables, and organics.

• Bottom wear strip provides outstanding abrasion protection.

• Large footprint and aerodynamic design create industry-leading wind and “set-down” stability - cart won’t fall over when lid is flipped back.

• Multiple options available for custom hot stamps, raised imprints, in-mold labeling, etc.

• Optional lids available to keep critters out (animal deterrent lids have a locking gravity latch that opens automatically when cart is picked up by waste collector).

• Carts ship 2/3 assembled (optional) – with factory-installed lids and stop bars - greatly reducing labor costs typically associated with assembly of small carts.

Toter’s new 35-gallon carts are available in a wide variety of colors, including beautiful granite finishes that complement contemporary environments. Toter’s textured finishes mask normal wear by helping hide scuffs, scratches, and unsightly dirt, keeping carts looking new for many years.


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