Atlas stationary waste containers
Atlas stationary waste containers

Toter, a Wastequip brand, manufacturer of products used in the collection of waste, recycling, and organics, has introduced a redesigned line of commercial-grade Atlas stationary waste containers built to withstand tough jobsite abuse.

Atlas containers are manufactured using Toter’s stress-free rotomolding process Advanced Rotational Molding to create tougher, more durable containers.

Product features of the upgraded Atlas line include:
• Durability – Toter’s proprietary Rugged Rim construction and durable container bottoms provide added strength in critical-wear areas, and the can’s heavy-duty base protects it from premature wear when dragged across rough surfaces or handling heavy loads.

• Strength – Broken handles are a frequent problem with many waste cans, but Atlas’ non-slip, fully-enclosed handles won’t snap off, even when carts filled with heavy debris are moved around the jobsite.

• Convenience – Atlas cans are designed with fluted inner walls to allow for easier removal of trash can liners.

• Mobility – Cans feature a built-in dolly adapter compatible with universal caster dollies to allow for easy jobsite movement and to help in avoiding spills and accidents.

In the rigorous Drag Test, which simulates years of tough dragging and hauling, Atlas cans lasted nearly 3 times as long before any leaking occurred. In the Rim Deflection Test, in which containers are heavily loaded and then suspended by their rims to test rim strength, Atlas cans performed an average of 15 percent. Finally, Atlas cans were shown to be significantly less likely to separate from the dollies to which they were attached even after repeated impacts.


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