Stretching landfill life

As the public grows increasingly leery of siting new landfills, the choice to extend the service life of existing landfills is becoming more appealing to solid waste managers. When landfill operators cover the garbage over with dirt each day, the material consumes as much as 30% of landfill capacity. In the session Extend Landfill Life with Alternative Daily Cover and Other Applications (Monday, Sept. 11, 11 to 11:50 a.m.), Jose Gamboa—superintendent of waste disposal for Santa Cruz, Calif.—will share a variety of methods to increase a landfill's useful life, including replacing dirt with tarps, applying a thin layer of cement, and increasing the density of refuse per cubic yard. “By implementing several techniques to extend landfill life,” says Gamboa, ”it gives science and technology time to develop methods and systems to deal with the problems of solid waste in a more environmentally benign and cost-effective manner.”

More education

Monday, Sept. 11, 10 to 10:50 a.m.

What Do We Do With All the Electronic Waste?

Cell phones, computers, iPods—the pile of e-waste is growing, introducing potentially hazardous and toxic materials into the waste stream. This session will update you on legislative action being considered by several states, and discuss recycling and proper disposal.

Monday, Sept. 11, 3 to 4:30 p.m.

Can Small-Town America Afford Automated Refuse Collection?

Find out if automated refuse collection is right for your municipality by hearing how two small towns financed equipment purchases—and attained the necessary buy-in from local officials, residents, and staff.

Wednesday, Sept. 13, 8:30 to 9:20 a.m.

Turning Trash to Treasure—Saving Dollars While You Save the Earth

Three Kentucky counties joined forces to save landfill space and money by reusing crushed glass in roadbed construction; they also used shredded tires as mulch for parks, playgrounds, and landscape projects. Learn how they sold officials on the idea, and the savings/cost benefits of such projects.

Wednesday, Sept. 13, 9:30 to 10:45 a.m.

MSW Landfill Stability Issues

The stability of municipal solid waste landfills must be assessed in the long-term context of operations, post-closure care, and end-use plans. This session will cover best management practices, and emerging regulatory trends affecting landfill siting, design, construction, and operation.

On the show floor Self-contained composting aerators

Brown Bear Corp., Booth 1810

The company's line of aerators provide an economical, mechanical solution for dewatering sludge in beds, building windrows, blending bulking agents or additives, pulverizing, and aerating or water mixing for aerobic composting.

Waste/recycling container

Busch Systems International Inc., Booth 1422

The Super Sorter One-In-One, suitable for indoor/outdoor recycling or waste collection, has a hinge on the side so it can be placed up against a wall to make the most of limited space. The rigid plastic liner is easy to remove and clean.