The Society of Municipal Arborists selected the “Chanticleer” Pear as the 2005 Urban Tree of the Year, citing its aesthetics and adaptability. Photo: Len Phillips

The Society of Municipal Arborists tapped the “Chanticleer” Pear as its Urban Tree of the Year for 2005. One of the society's founders, Edward H. Scanlon, developed the tree and introduced it at his nursery in 1965. The tree was selected because of its aesthetic appeal. Also, it is adaptable to current street tree line design philosophy, ushered in with the launch of the Tailored Tree Program.

Pears can be grown throughout the temperate regions where winters are not too severe and there is adequate moisture. The trees will not survive where temperatures fall lower than -20° F, and they are widely cultivated commercially throughout much of the United States and Canada.