Fiber matrix provides slope stability

The Hydro-Blanket BFM (bonded fiber matrix) provides better erosion control on steep slopes susceptible to heavy rains. This product uses a combination of Thermally Refined wood fibers and multi-dimensional tackifiers to give greater water holding capacity. It allows more complete germination and faster vegetation establishment on steep slopes. The Hydro-Blanket is faster to install than other blankets or sod and is more effective at controlling erosion than blankets, other BFMs. and conventional hydraulic machines. When the blanket dries, it conforms to the soil to form a breathable, built-in-place blanket and it is bio-degradable. Profile Products LLC. 9.

Temperature check valves

These temperature check valves are rated at 200° F. They are available in 1 ¼-, 1 ½-, and 2-inch sizes. The full-flow check valves feature an epoxy powercoat finish for maximum corrosion resistance, strand-reinforced ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) flappers, stainless steel hardware, and NPT-threaded connections. They have a 50 psi rating. Zoeller Pump Co. 10.

Heavy-duty refuse truck

The Granite Axle Back truck is suited for refuse applications and can be configured as a rear loader or roll-off. The Telma frictionless braking system is also offered, carrier-mounted to the truck's S462 axle on LE and MR vehicles. The Telma system lowers maintenance costs by reducing the number of brake overhauls. The axle features lightweight, strong ductile iron housing. Mack Trucks Inc. 11.

Versatile vacuum vehicle

The model 101 litter collector offers versatility and maneuverability while collecting litter. The engine cut-off option prevents the product's operation by 60 shutting down the engine if the operator tries to leave the seat without first properly setting the parking brake. If the brake is properly engaged, a light will come on indicating it is safe to leave the driver's seat with the engine still running. Other features include an 80-gallon-capacity litter container, 28-hp Kubota liquid-cooled diesel engine, 8-inch-diameter suction hose, and a power-assisted vacuum arm. The product is available in gasoline, diesel, and liquid propane. Johnston Madvac Inc. 12.

Durable, adjustable pulverizers

The newly designed IFP (fixed) and IRP (rotated) pulverizers use the latest technology and high-grade materials to withstand higher pressure levels, wear, and abrasion. The regeneration, or speed, valve enables the jaw to be closed more quickly under no-load conditions, which shortens cycle times and helps increase productivity. Distance between cutters also can be adjusted. The IRP can rotate 360 degrees and is available in three sizes for excavators 21 to 55 tons. The IFP is available in three sizes and fits excavators 19 to 55 tons. Operating weights range from 3800 to 7100 pounds. The pulverizers have a maximum force of 655,000 pounds. Indeco North America. 13.

Hydraulically controlled asphalt distributor

The Maximizer 3 asphalt distributor has an in-cab EZ Spray computer system and a hydraulically controlled, continuously variable spraybar up to a 20-foot width. All spray operations are available from within the cab. The standard 16-foot spraybar has a break-away safety feature, internal spray valves, and is extendable in 4-inch increments. It is fed by a 400-gpm Viking asphalt pump. The tank comes in 1100- to 4100-gallon sizes. The EZ3-S computer system matches pump output to distributor speed by using radar speed-sensing equipment. For clean up and maintenance, the Enviro-Flush cleanout system is included. Rosco Mfg., a Leeboy Co. 14.

High-impact safety glasses

Foresight safety glasses attach to existing slots in MSA and Bullard 4100 and 3000 hard hats. They can be adjusted to fit and can be lowered or raised under the hardhat's brim. The glasses are ANSI Z87+ certified for high impact. They also meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 regulations for high-impact eye protection. The product has a sturdy hold so the glasses will not slide down the wearer's nose or irritate ears. The direct attachment to the hard hat helps to prevent misplacement of glasses. Worldwide Vision Technologies LLC. 15