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Water and wastewater dangers: Permit required? Here’s how to tell

Deaths in confined spaces occur because the atmosphere is oxygen-deficient, toxic, or combustible. To protect employees who work in such environments, says Jeff Bowman, Environmental Training Coordinator of Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services, Infrastructure & Safety Training, public works departments should perform three basic steps at each jobsite. More

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Water and wastewater dangers

New OSHA standard addresses the unique dangers posed by water and sewer system construction and improvements. More

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Keeps employees from slipping and falling on ice

Slipping these over work boots provides comfortable and consistent traction on... More

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Local governments continue trimming employee benefits

As the public sector deals with the fourth year of the economic downturn, the most common retirement plan changes for new hires is to increase age and service requirements for normal retirement and reduce pension benefits. More

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Detroit water workers ignore court order to return to work

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department workers, members of AFSCME Local 207, risked jail time by continuing their strike at a wastewater treatment plant in southwest Detroit. More

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2012 salary survey: Looks better than it feels

For the second year in a row, raises are up and pay cuts are down. More

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2011 salary survey: Welcome to the ‘new normal’

Paying more for fewer benefits is business as usual in this economy. More

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