Roller-Compacted Concrete

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Roller-compacted concrete has come a long way

Roller-compacted concrete continues to ascend from a niche product to the paving mainstream. More

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Roller compacted concrete -RCC- test strips

Improperly formulated and placed roller-compacted concrete is subject to surface... More

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Township is first in Pennsylvania to use RCC

Roller-compacted concrete, which has been used for many years in other states, is... More

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Roller-compacted concrete makes sense financially

A city engineer’s gamble on roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is paying off with... More

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Roller-compacted concrete stands the test of time

In western Nebraska, a short stretch of pavement is one of the country's... More

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RCC: versatile and durable

Four new applications for roller compacted concrete (RCC) pavement. More

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Roller compacted concrete: the next paving alternative

Using RCC helped eliminate many of the traditional problems associated with... More

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RCC helps with tight state budgets

More state DOTs are offsetting tight budgets and volatile commodity prices with... More

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Suburb self performs RCC

An Illinois public works department saves money with roller-compacted concrete.... More

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World of Concrete attendees see high-profile projects up close

Three high-profile, world-class public works projects are all near Las Vegas. More

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