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Everyone should follow ADA guidelines for federal outdoor areas

QUESTION: Michele, is it true that the Access Board has new guidelines for outdoor... More

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Outdoor fabric

WeatherMax can be customized to meet specific applications. More

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All-terrain vehicle tackles tough winter jobs

With 33% more power than previous models, the company’s 2015 8X8 Centaur is... More

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ADA: Board Issues Technical Guide on Access to Outdoor Developed Areas

The Board has issued a technical guide on achieving access to outdoor developed areas. More

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Fast-drying steel water pipe coatings

Combining the hydrophobic properties of epoxy with the durability of urethane,... More

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U.S. Access Board: Guide on Access to Outdoor Sites Available from the U.S. Access Board

A new guide on achieving accessible outdoor sites, including trails and camping areas, is now available from the U.S. Access Board. More

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Peterbilt 220 in full production

The first new Peterbilt medium-duty cabover Model 220–featuring numerous... More

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Detroit solves streetlighting problem

Nearly one-third of the city’s street lights are broken. To save money while also ensuring public safety, the Detroit Public Lighting Authority has completed a pilot LED streetlighting program and is moving forward with another 5,000 installations. More

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Accessible signs should not discriminate

The sign itself does bring about a negative connotation and the code does not require that. More

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