• Staying with the program

    Working with the manufacturer on equipment modifications keeps a popular free service safe from budget cutbacks.

  • The soil is screened 5 to 10 times to remove debris such as concrete, asphalt, and scrap metal.

    All the dirt on soil recovery

    A soil recycling program launched by one public works department is spreading to others, moving the city slowly but surely toward landfilling 80% less waste by 2020.

  • Transparent panels maintain visibility and reduce shadows due to the soundwall extension.

    Bring on da noise!

    The Texas DOT solves two public relations problems with one product.

  • How to set up a city engineering office

    New book by PW blogger Pam Broviak gives advice on setting up and managing a public works engineering office.

  • On the grid

    This year’s Top 10 Leaders describe their favorite technologies. Most prefer tools that keep them connected to the office, colleagues, and customers.

  • South Pipeline 4A Central tunnel boring machine (TBM) is lowered into the tunnel shaft.

    This idea holds water

    Value engineering three major components – treatment, pipeline, and pumping – wrings inefficiencies from water project and holds the line on future rate increases.

  • Chicago Artist Jim Bachor repairs the citys potholes with an artistic flair, filling them with concrete and topping with mosaic art.

    Art meets asphalt

    A Chicago artist repairs potholes with mosaic masterpieces.

  • Waiting for takeoff

    Drones may be the greatest thing since the Internet, if public agencies can convince constituents they aren’t too invasive.

  • Lessons to live by

    This year's APWA Top 10 Leaders debunk the notion that government is not innovative.

  • APWA Products

    If you didn't attend the APWA International Public Works Congress & Exposition, here are products from many of the exhibitors.