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    Multifunction diesel drive

    The Raptair Multi-Function Stand-Alone Diesel Drive turns itself on and off in response to air tool use.

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    Aerial splicing unit

    The Sprinter Aerial Splicing Unit offers all of the benefits of a quality aerial unit mounted on the heavier Sprinter van chassis, with a 35-ft. working height.

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    Versatile dump bodies

    The company’s product line ranges from the 1-ton Ultra body to the Extreme Heavy Duty Hurricane/Clean-Up body, and everything in between.

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    Snow-removal equipment

    The company’s line of high-performance trip-edge plows includes V-Plows, C-Plows, Scoop plows, VF series flare-wing trip-edge V-plows, and straight-blade plows.

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    Heavy-duty dump body

    The HPT heavy-duty dump body is built to improve productivity and is highly durability, with its interlaced understructure and vertical side braces.

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    Dump body for demanding work

    The Wildcat HD Rancher body’s heavy-duty construction stands up to tough jobsites and difficult working conditions.

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    High-performance topcoat system

    Metacryl High Performance Topcoat System is a premium, multiuse coatings line targeted for commercial fleet refinishing, and industrial and OEM markets.


    Touch-screen spreader controls

    SpreadSmart Rx Touch extends its industry leading capability with a 10-in. touch screen for two cameras, and four independent controls with multiplex option for Tow Plow spreading systems on a single display.

  • DOOSAN MOD XHP750 040

    Air compressor

    The new P125 Truck Mounted Utility Air Compressor is powered by a Tier 4 interim-compliant John Deere 49-hp diesel engine.

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    Solar auxiliary power systems

    Solar-based auxiliary power systems are designed to replace diesel-powered auxiliary power units.

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    Lightweight shelving system

    Simpleco is a lightweight, crash-tested shelving system that mounts to the roof, saving valuable floor space.

  • COE trucks

    The new Class 5 195 and 195h cab-over-engine (COE) trucks are at qualified dealerships across the country.

  • Truck-mounted ventilation system

    The Powermaster Delivery System is a truck-mounted ventilation air and electrical power system with integral air conditioning and heat capabilities.

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    Medium-duty rail lift

    The DMD is designed to revolutionize the medium-duty rail lift segment.

  • LED light strings

    A kit of 20,12-volt LED Viking Modules produces 1600 raw lumens of light on an 11-ft. light string.

  • Cell phone mount

    RAM Composite Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder has a clean four leg design that sports great holding power without hiding your phone behind foam pads and plastic.

  • Lightweight truck cap

    The new Site Commander is made from composite construction to create a lightweight yet durable truck cap.

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    Aluminum body aerial device

    The AT40G JEMS Aerial Device features a lightweight aluminum body and integrated plug-in hybrid system designed to work together to provide quality, compatibility, and longevity.

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    Insulated coolant hoses

    Save shop time with pre-assembled, insulated coolant hoses.

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    Fuel economy instrument

    Ecometer is an OBD-II CAN plug-and-play fuel economy instrument, providing vehicle operators critical instantaneous miles-per-gallon feedback and average fuel economy readings.

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    Cargo restraints

    GateNet and CageNet cargo restraints provide simple but effective solutions for containing tools and equipment in service body vehicles while allowing quick and easy access to the truck well.

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    Compressor control system

    The B-CAN compressor control system features a 3.5-in. color display and USB interface that allows quick and easy software updates.

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    Pressure balanced pumps

    AP100 and AP212 Series pressure balanced pumps enhance your modern hydraulic system. Each pump series achieves high operating pressures, volumetric and mechanical efficiencies, and lower noise levels.

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    Touch screen controller

    The Freedom2 touch screen controller is designed for the municipal and contractor spreader markets.

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    Clutch pack

    With a combination of never having to set gear back lash and a Vane Pump design, the 560V clutch pack provides quiet operation not found in other power take-off designs.

  • Ladder rack

    The Invis-A-Rack allows you to have a ladder rack that can collapse down when not in use.

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    Door components

    The new EMC product line includes components needed for a complete door system.

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    Hybrid electric kit

    The ECHODrive system is a highly fuel efficient plug-in hybrid electric kit that bolts onto new and existing fleet vehicles cost effectively.

  • Breakaway cable

    The Fastway Zip replaces old frayed and broken trailer breakaway cable.


    Conversion hoist

    The CS412 conversion hoist is designed specifically for use with 10-ft. truck bodies.

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    Camera mounting kit

    With the company’s new Backup Camera Mounting Kit, users can mount factory backup cameras on new or existing Husky Aluminum 5th Wheel Tailgate.

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    Snow chains

    Insta-Chains provide instant traction with the flip of a switch in icy snowy conditions.

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    High-power connectors

    Deutsch DTSK Series connectors are designed for harsh environment applications that require a high-power single cavity connector.

  • Poly insert hopper

    The Crossfire poly insert hopper is easy to maintain and easy on your truck.

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    Trailblazer 325 and 275 engine-driven welder/generators are designed to reduce fuel use, extend runtimes, reduce noise, and provide a smaller and lighter footprint.

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    Service body window grills

    The company’s new service body window grills are adjustable to fit various body applications on a variety of trucks.

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    Wireless tarp control

    Roll-Rite One-Touch Wireless Technology allows you to open or close STS Series side roll tarps, and automatically stop tarps at optimum tension.

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    Mobile column lift

    The MCH413 mobile column lift meets the growing demand for smaller mobile lift columns while retaining the industry’s fastest rise and descent times.

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    Propane powered truck

    The propane autogas powered Ford F-650 (6.8L V10) reduces emissions while lowering fuel costs.

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    High capacity liftgate

    The TLV 2750-lb. capacity liftgate offers a 48-in. x 80-in. level-ride platform.

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    Protect reels and hoses

    Customized Lube Skids with enclosed reel cabinets contain drips and spills while giving the unit a clean look and protecting reels and hoses from weather.

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    Paddle handle

    The 030-2500 Two-Point Paddle Handle is designed for storage compartment and access doors for light- to medium-duty applications.

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    Aluminum service body

    The company’s aluminum service body with extruded T6 alloy floor and understructure has 44 cu. ft. of compartment storage.

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    Power system

    The Air N Arc I-300 all-in-one Power System provides six forms of power.

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    Freedom HF inverter/charger is small, light, and affordable.

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    Storage compartments

    Lightweight, low profile, and customizable storage compartments allow the Smart Body to be configured to fit a customer’s unique needs in any industry.

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    LED trailer lighting

    GloLight LED trailer lighting introduces an exciting new look to the world of DOT compliant lighting.

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    Super-wide-angle camera

    The VLC Series Super-Wide-Angle Camera gives drivers a wider field of view and includes a fully waterproofed processing chip, making it more versatile than ever.

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    Improve suspension

    Coil SumoSprings install easily, enhance load capacity, and improve ride. Improves suspension for vehicles equipped with snowplows, winches, or hitches.

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    Reliable LED lights

    Pioneer SlimLine lights provide superior safety and reliability for work trucks.

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    Hydraulic fluids

    RSC Bio Solutions’ Envirologic 3000 Series hydraulic fluids are readily biodegradable synthetics.