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    Let construction season begin

    Knowing and following OSHA tips for work zone safety during construction season can help save lives.

  • One of the many uses for the machine is moving salt in winter months.

    Decisions, decisions

    When money’s tight and work needs to get done, it can be hard to decide what to do when it comes to a piece of aging equipment. Should you buy new or used? Or rent instead?

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    Real-time road alerts lower crash rates 80%

    Non-intrusive pavement sensors are easier and safer to maintain.

  • EPA grants stays of execution

    Personnel changes and sequester-induced shortages delay slow Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water work.

  • Designed to generate power without disrupting flow, one LucidPipe Power System turbine produces up to 100 kilowatts of electricity. The technology works at lower flow velocities, but energy production increases as velocities increase. Best performance and reliability is achieved at velocities greater than 4 ft/s.

    Turning pipelines into power generators

    Energy performance contracts deploy new type of in-pipe turbine to generate electricity from gravity water pipes.

  • World’s Water

    Fun water trivia facts from the U.S. EPA.

  • Trained to create

    Trained to work with concrete, the Greenville public works department saves the city money by doing most of the work needed to build a local recycling center.

  • I raised six children, so Im used to improvisation, says Public Works Supervisor Kathy Clark. So are Bobby Rollinis (center) and Tom Herlocher who services whatever equipment the department owns instead of rents.

    Village of Palestine, Ill.

    Public Works department of village of Palestine, Ill works with limited resources to get the job done.

  • Dark spooky tunnel with power lines

    A novel approach

    Sanitation is an extremely important service that’s too often taken for granted. Dodge Winston, a 42-year-old Wastewater Plant Operator II in the San Francisco Bay Area, has made it a subject you won’t be able to forget. His fourth self-published novel, The Wastewater Plant, is an account of life...

  • Each tire is made of carefully engineered components designed for a special purpose, as shown in this cutaway of a Goodyear Duraseal tire.

    Six tips for keeping your tires rolling

    Extend tire life and your maintenance budget with a few basic pieces of advice.

  • The great road-repair disconnect

    What products are you trying out in your never-ending quest to provide drivable roads?