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    Walk-behind saw

    The FSB-150 walk-behind saw is an air-powered unit for cutting concrete and asphalt pavement for street repair, utility work, and other projects.

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    Heavy-duty broom sweeper

    The M6 Avalanche broom sweeper has been enhanced to boost performance, operation, and maintenance simplicity.

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    High water alert system

    The company’s road-weather monitoring and management systems include the High-Water Alert Lifesaving Technology (HALT), which uses flashing lights and automatic barrier gates to warn drivers of flooded roads.

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    Pet waste station

    The Poly pet waste station is designed to encourage pet owners to help keep parks and other public areas free of dog deposits.

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    Fabric storage structures

    The company engineers, manufactures, installs, and offers finance assistance on custom fabric-covered truss-arch buildings for construction sites, storage, and other applications.

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    Traffic sign asset tags

    The company offers a number of options to help municipalities comply with FHWA retroflectivity requirements by facilitating inventorying and tracking of signs. The barcode asset tags are designed to withstand the elements.

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    Fabric buildings

    The CC (compression coupler) series of fabric-covered structures combines a coupler and gusset for long transfer of pressure over the connecting cords.

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    Clean-up wipes

    Big Industrial+ wipes consist of dual-sided fabric premoistened with cleaner to remove stains and dried-on dirt from hands, tools, and surfaces.

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    Sign post pullers

    JackJaw 500 Series sign post pullers help municipal crews pull up hard-to-get posts.

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    Municipal architects

    The company has a broad range of experience designing city and village halls, public works facilities, and other municipal buildings.

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    Salt storage structures

    The company works with agencies to design and construct buildings for storing sand and salt.

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    Winged plow blade

    The Prodigy snowplow has a mechanical design that automatically positions its wings to maximize plowing efficiency.

  • Designed to transfer maximum power from the driveline to the ground, through tractive efforts, speed and digging power.

    Compact loaders

    The company’s new skid steers and compact track loaders are available with radial-lift and vertical-lift options.

  • Custom manhole covers

    Municipalities interested in custom covers for manholes can choose from a broad range of designs featuring logos, text, mascot images, or other unique features that characterize the city, town, or county.

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    Rapid terrain mapping

    The Gatewing X100 is a UAS-based terrain-mapping tool that enables users to collect digital images to create aerial photo maps with georeferencing.

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    Rotary mower

    Boasting a high degree of maneuverability and flexibility, the Groundsmaster 7200 has a Kubota 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine.

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    Compact, mechanical-broom sweeper

    The Starfire S–4 mechanical broom street sweeper can sweep sandy streets, pick up road debris, and handle other applications.

  • HP Twin 8 Product Photography

    Hydraulic tool power

    The HP Twin8 can power two hydraulic power tools at 8 gpm at once.

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    Snow melter

    The SND900 melts 30 tons of snow (100 cu yds to 300 cu yds) per hour.

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    Surface preparation equipment

    The company’s range of equipment helps municipalities maintain and manage walkways, roads, and other pavements.

  • Pavement protection

    The company offers a broad range of pavement coatings and equipment. Products include pavement sealer, pavement patch, crack fillers, and crack sealants.

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    Utility sealing system

    Flex-Seal utility sealant is suitable for sealing the grade adjustment ring area and joint sections in a manhole or catch basin from the interior of the structure.

  • Speed feedback sign

    The Fast-275 combination VSL/radar speed feedback sign helps calm traffic in crucial areas (school zones, parks, and others) to prevent collisions and injury.

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    Biodegradable hydraulic fluids

    The EnviroLogic line of hydraulic fluids combines a high degree of performance with sustainability benefits. For general-purpose hydraulic systems, they offer performance characteristics that match up well with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids.

  • Traffic calming

    The company offers traffic-calming devices made of recycled rubber, including speed bumps, humps, cushions, and tables.

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    Vehicle wash with water recovery

    The Rack captures, contains, and controls water used in washing fleet vehicles and equipment.

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    Pavement patching service

    The company offers a range of repair and engineering services to help Midwestern infrastructure owners restore pavement and other assets.

  • Sidewalk repair

    The company offers a method for pavement managers to remove trip hazards from uneven sidewalks and other concrete walkways.

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    Sign management

    The SignProx inventory and management system uses GPS integration to help agencies keep track of their sign assets.

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    Battery-powered rammer

    The PB78 battery-powered rammer eliminates concerns about exhaust or excessive noise.

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    Fleet tracking

    Based on GPS technology, this fleet tracking system equips public works managers with tools to help streamline fleet management, reduce costs and improve productivity in the field.

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    Trenchless technology tips

    The association offers educational programming and informational resources to help navigate trenchless technology, including conferences, webinars, publications, and research.

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    Electronic spreader control

    The MESP 300 electronic spreader package offers easy operation at an entry-level price. It removes the hydraulics from within the cab, making it less noisy and safer than other products.

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    Dedicated trencher

    The Boxer line of mini-skidsteers and various attachments includes the Boxer 118 dedicated trencher in 24-in and 36-in lengths.

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    Pipe rehabilitation mortar

    Designed for structural rehabilitation of pipes, GeoSpray is a riber-reinforced mortar made from natural mineral polymers and material recovered from industrial waste streams.

  • Precast bioretention system

    Bio-Mod is a modular bioretention system consisting of modular, precast concrete. It helps enhance filter performance, structural integrity, and reduced construction and maintenance costs.

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    School-zone beacons

    These school-zone beacons help increase the safety of school zones, playground zones, and other risky areas.

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    Video detection system

    The VersiCam video detection system (VIDS), for monitoring traffic conditions at smaller intersections, consists of a high-resolution traffic camera with remote zoom and focus functions, and a high-sensitivity CCD imager to help ensure accuracy of vehicle detection in any lighting conditions.

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    Relief in the field

    The Brief Relief disposable urinal bag provides a safe, convenient alternative when a bathroom is needed in the field, but none is available.

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    Snow-fighting applicator

    The Xzalt applicator delivers a 70:30 ratio of dry and liquid material, helping snow-fighting crews reduce salt usage while speeding up ice melt.

  • Sewer overflow prevention

    The self-contained SmartCover monitoring system helps water and wastewater managers deal with common problems.

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    Litter lifter

    The two-piece Garbo Grabber makes litter and debris removal easier by keeping the mouth of a trash bag open during pick-up patrols, even in windy conditions.

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    Expandable plow blade

    The FXP expandable plow can be stretched to 11 ft, 14 ft, and 17 ft from the operator’s cab.

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    Walk-behind striper

    The AL2600 Series pavement striper is a self-propelled, walk-behind machine that can handle marking with two colors.

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    LED retrofit lamps

    LEDioc lamps make it easy to retrofit from an HID to LED light source, with both post-top and pendant-mount decorative luminaires.

  • Engineering consulting

    The firm offers engineering and scientific consulting for agencies in a range of areas.

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    Capital program management

    e-Builder cloud-based software helps agencies track project information including costs and schedule.

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    Root control

    The company helps sewer managers keep their systems clear of obstruction from tree-root growth. Its Razorooter II herbicide kills roots and inhibits future growth.

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    Capital/program management

    CIPAce 6.5 is a suite of programs that help increase usability and functionality of the management software.

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    Ride-on brush cutter

    The CG431 ride-on brush cutter is ideal for clearing rough vegetation on challenging terrain.

  • Temporary structures

    The Easy Access building series enables users to access the structure from the side. The 15-ft-high side entrance facilitates equipment and materials storage, and it enables users to orient the structure for convenient traffic flow.

  • Asphalt pavement sealer

    Guardian AE is a low-VOC, water-based coating with 100% asphalt emulsion thatl increases pavement’s durability and lengthens its useful life. Suitable for any asphalt surface.

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    Durable skidsteer loaders

    The 500 frame-size skid-steer loaders, part of the new M-series line, deliver durability and performance enhancements that provide increased uptime, improved visibility, and a more comfortable cab.

  • RFID underground asset marking

    The InfraMarker RFID system combines magnetic location and onsite data storage to help users track and manage underground assets.

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    Fuel management

    AIM 2.4 provides fuel management capability for fleet leaders.

  • Asset management tool

    This software program enables users to track and manage a range of infrastructure assets, including water, wastewater, streets, transportation, parks, stormwater, and more.

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    Liquid pavement marking

    Liquid Pavement Marking Series 5000 is a plural-component, polyurea-liquid marking product that offers durability, visibility, easy application, and fast cure time.

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    ADA pedestrian alert

    The ADA SpeakMaster is an audible warning that alerts pedestrians of sidewalk closures and provides navigation instructions.

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    Snow/ice control panel

    The Freedom 2 control panel for snow- and ice-fighting applications has a touchscreen display with guided setup and calibration to help ease operation.

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    Low-emission loader/backhoes

    The N Series loader/backhoe line has been upgraded with cooled exhaust gas recirculation technology.

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    Pavement patching

    Ulti-Pave3 is a single-component, rapid-hardening, cementitious patching material for repairing both concrete and asphalt in a variety of areas (driveways, roads, parking decks, shop floors, sidewalks, and more).

  • Easy truck-trailer access

    The ReeferPal enables staff to access the back of a truck safely and easily.

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    Construction bid management system

    This construction contract management system (CCMS) can help any public works or engineering team integrate with a previous contract bidding process, with an easy-to-manage online-based tool.

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    Asphalt pavement protection

    Biorestor Asphalt Rejuvenator helps asphalt pavement owners get a high degree of performance and long service life.

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    Thermal-lined sweatshirt

    This Carhartt high-visibility, Class-3 sweatshirt combines visibility and warmth during cold-weather working conditions.