• Increasing the energy-efficiency of fabric roofs

    Five enhancements that will hold the line on electricity and natural gas use, bills.

  • Propane-powered pickup trucks

    The 2012 ROUSH CleanTech Ford F-250 and F-350 feature a 6.2-liter V8 engine and two tank options: in-bed, 49-gal. or under-bed, 25-gal.

  • ADA-compliant waterless urinals

    Foil would-be vandals by installing closed-bottom urinals that don’t need to be taken apart for cleaning.

  • Backhoe loader with curved boom

    Available with four-speed automatic transmission, the 88-hp TLB840 enables operators to reach over obstacles and load closer to trucks.

  • 5 pump pliers with reaming feature

    Three quick-adjust models for electricians and two toungue-and-groove models for plumbers.

  • Extreme wheelbarrow makeover

    Redesigned to handle tough construction jobs, the Sterling’s welded, one-piece steel leg unit provides strength by eliminating bolts.

  • Skidsteers use 15% less fuel, are 85% quieter

    The vertical-lift New Generation 260, 280, 300, and 330 wheeled and 260T, 300T, 320T compact track skidsteer loaders provide rated operating capacities (ROC) of 2,600 lbs. and above.

  • Electric utility vehicle

    The EXV2 Patriot costs 30% to 50% less than a pickup truck, reaches speeds of up to 25 mph, and runs 40 to 50 miles per charge.

  • Pickup with navigation radio

    New front-end designs with chrome mesh grilles and heated/cooled seat options (LTZ models) help to enhance the 2012 Silverado’s appearance and driver comfort.

  • Pipe-bursting, horizontal directional drilling joint system

    Certa-Lok C900 RJIB (for “restrained joint integral bell”) features the company’s standard mechanical joining system of precision-machined grooves and nylon spline for tensile strength in pulling/push.

  • Sing a song about land use

    Singer and songwriter Melanie Hammet uses her job as pro-tem mayor of Pine Lake, Ga., for musical inspiration.

  • Fast-track bridge replacement

    Utah cracks down on construction-related traffic delays with accelerated bridge construction and "bridge move" techniques

  • Let the games begin

    Pit businesses against each other to achieve local public works goals.

  • Trendsetters: Mothers of invention

    Four readers who have delivered the most bang for the taxpayer’s buck.

  • When Greater Cincinnati Water Works added granular-activated carbon as a postfiltration treatment, the water-service provider achieved a more than 50% total organic carbon (TOC) reduction. GCWW is now maintaining a TOC level of less than 1 mg/L.

    The dollars and sense of disinfection byproduct compliance

    Granular-activated carbon may be the ideal solution for removing organic material from water.

  • Sandy relief efforts continue

    Public works crews in Tenafly, N.J., clean up debris and downed trees after Hurricane Sandy hit the Atlantic Seaboard in late October.

  • National rollout’s complicating local interoperable communications efforts

    Some states fear their interoperable networks will be inhibited by the federal initiative to develop a single, nationwide architecture.

  • Electric power train

    eREV power train technology enables work trucks to perform without emissions and run entirely on electric power.

  • 24 V converter/charger

    This 24 V power converter/battery charger comes in 25-amp ad 40-amp configurations with a built-in four-stage charging system.

  • Compact electric vehicles

    These compact electric vehicles, suitable for light-duty applications, feature: high-low beam headlamps for improved visibility while driving, day-night mirror with the ability to reduce reflective gl

  • High-end truck with ergonomic features

    The Peterbilt Model 579 truck is designed to give fleets a premium vehicle with fuel efficiency, cost savings, comfortable driving, and productivity.

  • Wireless vehicle charging

    OLEV (on-line electric vehicle) technology delivers electric power wirelessly from the roadbed, allowing vehicles to charge wirelessly both during operation and while they pause to load and unload pas

  • Hybrid power for medium-, heavy-duty trucks

    The company offers a range of plug-in hybrid systems that can interface with a wide variety of truck-mounted equipment on trucks weighing more than 14,000 lbs.

  • Hydraulic hybrid system

    Vehicles equipped with this company’s hydraulic hybrid system attain as much as 40% better fuel economy than non-hybrids.

  • Hard-working pickups

    The 2013 F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks offer high performance regarding towing and payload capacities.

  • Low-emission sweepers

    EcoInfused technology is designed to impart Elgin Sweeper street sweepers and Vactor Manufacturing sewer and catch-basin cleaners with increased energy efficiency, lowered emissions, and overall eco-f

  • Aluminum dump body

    The Alumax aluminum dump body offers high strength and low body weight for long life and maximum payloads.

  • Filter pre-cleaner

    The company offers a range of filtration solutions for construction and work vehicles —including the TopSpin pre-cleaner that’s designed to extend the life of an air filter and help reduce overall oper

  • Heavy-duty pickup built for comfort

    The 2013 Ram 3500 pickup truck features a 6.7-L Cummins turbo diesel engine, six-speed manual transmission, and anti-lock four-wheel disc brakes.

  • Cutaway truck

    The 2013 Express Cutaway 3500/4500 includes a number of enhancements over previous models including a navigation radio, rear-vision camera system, and higher GVWR (up to 14,200 lbs).

  • Fast charger

    The Terra 51 DC electrical vehicle charger offers quick, safe charging of electric vehicles.

  • Fuel saving strategies

    How to increase a vehicle’s miles-per-gallon ratio.

  • Letters to the editor

    A collection of reader feedback from 2012

  • In celebration of everyday heroes

    There are so many examples of public works employee as hero.