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    PUBLIC WORKS Trendsetters

    Our list of Trendsetters includes public works movers and shakers—from public officials to everyday heroes to bad guys. Here you can view current and past Trendsetter articles, access Web exclusive materials and more.


    Every year PUBLIC WORKS magazine compiles its listing of the the top architecture, engineering and construction firms around the country. Use our archived collection of articles to read about previous and current firms that we have featured.

  • Background on the Underground

  • PW Solutions

    Featuring Stormwater products and lighting equipment

  • Paving for the Long Haul

    To help manage its 3200 two-lane miles of highways, the Vermont Agency of Transportation uses a pavement management system from Deighton Associates Ltd. of Bowmanville, Ontario.

  • Information-Based Budgeting

    Turning around the condition of a city's streets is difficult at best. After years of neglect, Los Angeles suburb Oxnard, Calif., is beginning the long, slow climb back to smoother rides for its 180,000 residents.

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    Sales Job

    Convincing residents to go into debt to replace a perfectly good septic system was a challenge that both Bullhead City and Lake Havasu City approached aggressively.

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    From Septic to Sewers

    Each city took a different path--sometimes several--to building their new wastewater treatment systems.

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    Good Neighbors

    Los Angeles chief forester George Gonzalez believes sidewalks and trees are just as much a part of a city's infrastructure as a road, a water main, or a sewage pipe--but most cities don't realize the true worth of either. He thinks it's high time they did.

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    Are You Holding Water Correctly?

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    Reservoir Daisies

    Rather than buy land for a new reservoir, the city opted to revamp the existing one. Unfortunately, the public works staff didn't have the time or expertise to perform the work themselves.

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    Ahead of the Curve

    When one of the world's largest freight companies wants to expand its presence in your state, you don't say there's not enough time to build the roads that will lead to the new facility.

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    Life in the Fast Lane

    With the population of Fort Smith, Ark., expected to double to 300,000 over the next 40 years, utilities director Steve Parke had to find a way to provide the growing community with drinking water without affecting current supplies.

  • Lead by Example

    Engineers designed the 0.3 mgd Greater Bayfield Wastewater Treatment Plant (GBWWTP) with one goal in mind: to showcase environmentally friendly technologies as a state demonstration plant.

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    Bridging Controversy and Consensus

    The Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA) was faced with juggling competing demands in the reconstruction of two bridges feeding into Annapolis, the 350-year-old state capital. It sson became clear that garnering community support had to be the top priority.

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    Partners in Project Excellence

    Our third annual survey of the use of AEC firms by public agencies shows that the importance of the relationship between public works departments, continues to play a key role in the ability of infrastructure managers to meet the needs of their communities.

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    To Reconstruct an Accident

  • Legality of Flow-Control Ordinances Upheld

    Flow-control ordinances allow governments to require private waste contractors to deliver the curbside garbage they pick up to a specific disposal facility.

  • Australians Brew up Energy Solution

    At the University of Queensland's Advanced Wastewater Management Centre, director Jurg Keller and postdoctoral research fellow Korneel Rabaey teamed with their mates at a nearby Foster's brewery to turn beer wastewater into electricity.

  • Down&Dirty

  • D.C. Detectives Watching their Waste

    Washington, D.C.'s department of public works now regularly polices its public refuse containers, looking for illegally placed trash.

  • Katrina Kicked Up Contaminants

    Scientists believe the hurricanes that plagued the Gulf region in August and September 2005 created floodwaters containing high levels of fecal-indicator bacteria and microbial pathogens, subjecting residents to an array of health risks.

  • Teaching Kids to Care for Water

    Fourth and fifth graders at the 11th Annual Children's Water Education Festival in Fountain Valley, Calif., may have been having a blast, but they were learning a valuable lesson too.

  • Plastic Pipe Prevails: Study

    According to independent researchers, corrugated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe may have more staying power than previously believed.

  • Clinton to Give Cities a Green Boost

    The Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program a Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) project seeks to help cities around the world improve eco-friendliness by reducing energy use.

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    Public works pitches in

    On May 18, the public works department of Wichita deployed its first "care package" of 66 volunteers, 26 dump trucks, four loaders, two tele-handlers, one excavator, six skidsteers, and numerous power and hand tools, to assist with the removal and disposal of branches, garbage, and other debris.


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    Name Your Price

    Two trends are converging to enable upwardly mobile infrastructure managers to command higher salaries and more control over the scope of their responsibilities