• Portrait thoughtful men in glasses. It sits, leaning on hands.

    More pay, even more costs, fewer workers

    Public wages are increasing, but not as much as employee contributions for benefits. Meanwhile, aging employees ready for retirement.

  • Pipes, related equipment & accessories

    Products include cylinder pipe, chemical grout, wall casing, and more.

  • Reducing infiltration from private sewer laterals

    A wastewater utility's business case evaluation for flood grouting. The project earned a Water Environment Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Innovation.

  • Training for the future

    Illinois created a program to nurture future public works managers. Although it is designed for supervisors, it has value for public works personnel at all levels.

  • Schedule your free pipe demonstration

    A manufacturer of AWWA-C-303 bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe is giving municipal engineers and public works groups a chance to work hands-on with the material.

  • It all comes out in the wash

    Is recycling vehicle washwater worth an extra $30,000?

  • An option to trenchless construction

    Coffer dam eliminates trenchless installation at a project in Pennsylvania. Workers literally moved a creek.

  • Natural born givers

    Few people realize how much communities benefit from all of the extracurricular activities that public works employees undertake.

  • Partnering to bridge the art

    Local sculptor Cliff Garten was asked to design the new bridge commissioned by the Baldwin Hills Conservancy, using grants and administered by the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative.

  • Protesters objecting to the proposed construction of a road near Reykjavik, Iceland, are carried away by police. The protesters claim the road, which cuts through protected lava-strewn land, would harm the habitat of elves.

    Protesters act elfish

    The Icelandic government has put a road project on hold, in part because of protesters’ concerns that the project will endanger the lives of a certain breed of wee folk.