• The one-two punch

    How readers plan to deliver services without getting knocked out by lackluster aid and falling revenues.

  • Two-Way Radio Remote Control

    The 2-Way Radio Remote Control with color display is a robust, next-generation remote designed for smooth operation and precise control of industrial machinery, including construction equipment.

  • True Vertical-Lift Skid Loader

    The all-new, Gehl V400 “King” Skid Loader boasts a rated operating capacity of 4,000 lbs. and a vertical lift of 144 in.

  • Wireless Handling System

    The Greengo Handling System can easily, quickly, and safely transport heavy equipment and large volumes of material in places that would otherwise be hard to reach.

  • Mid-size Slipform Machine

    The Phoenix 7500 Curb Machine is the industry’s first, true mid-size slipform curb and gutter machine, designed to tackle most everything the bigger machines can, but at two-thirds the price.

  • Control Thermal Cracking

    Manufactured from a product used in toothpaste, UltraPozz is ground to a 3-micron diameter powder that becomes pozzolanic.

  • pH Control System

    The Model 5000 Series pH Control System features the patent-pending Dif-Jet carbon dioxide diffusion/injection device that is highly efficient for adding gases such as carbon dioxide to water with high solids.

  • Industrial Light Tower

    The Modular Light Tower 25 series is powered by a Power WhisperWatt Generator rated at 25 kVA, and is equipped with six 1,000 W metal halide lamps.

  • Electric Rammer

    The lightweight PB78 Electric Rammer is easy to move down into a trench and is usable on jobsites that restrict, refuse, or regulate use of gas or diesel engines to eliminate exhaust fumes.

  • Manage and Move Water

    The Portable Cofferdam System offers a cost-effective and highly adaptable solution to manage, move, dam, or divert water with minimal or no impact on the environment.

  • Liquid Repellant

    Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons) coating that will completely repel almost any liquid.

  • Real Time PM

    Spectrum Project Management combines detailed job cost financials with real-time field operations data.

  • Move What You Want

    The Load Warrior three-wheeled workhorse delivers stability, maneuverability, efficiency, and versatility.

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    Skidsteer adapter for tractors, loaders

    Made especially for Massey Ferguson equipment, this adapter allows the use of skidsteer-type attachments on tractors equipped with MF 232/236/832/838/932/1032 loaders with pin-on buckets.

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    Infrared thermometer for concrete slabs

    This lightweight, pistol-style thermometer allows the user to quickly and easily assess the temperature of a concrete slab surface.

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    These aluminum, steel, and polymer toolboxes fit any pickup truck. The boxes come in a variety of styles, including cross, lo-side, pork chop, and topside.

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    Tier 4-interim-compliant compact loaders

    For construction, utility, landscape, and vegetation management work, PT-110 and PT-110 Forestry compact track loaders feature Perkins Tier 4i diesel engines, 125-in. lift heights, 332 lb.-ft. torque

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    Dewatering pumps

    The company’s full line of pumps meets every dewatering need — from its smallest centrifugal units for effectively pumping clear water to its large diaphragm models for handling thicker, debris-litt

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    Virtual level app for iPad, iPhone

    This free app has been redesigned to be compatible with iPhone 5 features like Retina display. It harnesses the technology of an accelerometer and a digital gyroscope located in select iPhone and iP

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    LED flashlights

    Compact and lightweight, the OPTI-LUX 365 series LED flashlights provide a steady beam profile for a variety of nondestructive testing inspection applications.

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    Precise 3D positioning

    The SX series of total stations with high-accuracy robotic technology includes an advanced angle measurement system, RED-tech technology, reflectorless EDM, Bluetooth Class 1 long-range data communi

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    Two-man post hole digger

    The Dirtdawg TM11 is a two-man operation, handheld earth auger that’s designed with heavy metal handlebars and Motion-Pro gel grips to reduce vibration and user fatigue.


    Tough construction laser tool

    The Pro Shot Alpha laser level features electronic servo self-leveling, allowing users to turn it on and let it level automatically.

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    Backhoe loaders

    The K-Series backhoe loaders include eight models equipped with Tier 4i-certified engines and a five-speed transmission (or optional AutoShift transmission) that allows speeds of up to 25 mph.

  • Your future with EPA’s new stormwater regulation

    Everything you need to know to develop a compliant program for your next permit.

  • Effluent vs. runoff: separate and definitely not equal

    Teach regulators the difference between MS4s and POTWs vis-a-vis nutrient control.

  • Are government-sponsored Facebook pages true public forums?

    One of PW's most popular polls: Do you think government-sponsored Facebook pages are true public forums?

  • Congress tries speeding up disaster reimbursement — again

    House proposal would reimburse straight-time salaries within 30 days of an emergency declaration.

  • Though full of helpful information, oil analysis results are best used to indicate what to look for, not absolute indicators of, problems.

    Say ‘ahhh’

    What oil and coolant can tell you about engine health and component wear.

  • More mothers of invention

    Readers invent water main break tools and anti-icing systems.