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    Web Extras September 2012

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    Web Extras August 2012

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    Web Extras July 2012

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    Web Extras June 2012

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    Mapping recovery

    Geodatabase helps city secure $100 million in federal disaster aid.

  • Intelligent interaction

    Although building information modeling (BIM) is a powerful tool on any project, contractors particularly like the ability to include nonstructural elements and further expand what the model can facilitate.

  • Are pumps draining you dry?

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    Tricked-out rides

    Personalization is functional as well as fun.

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    Traffic control and lighting

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    Critical biomass

    Located in southeast Georgia between the Okefenokee Swamp and the St. Marys River, the city of Folkston has been blessed — and stressed — with residential and commercial growth over the last two decades.

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    The war against weeds

    Located just across the Columbia River from Portland, Ore., historic Clark County attracts visitors who enjoy open spaces. But there are some visitors for whom the county would rather not play host: knapweed, poison hemlock, and butterfly bush, to name just a few.

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    Beyond constructability

    Imagine how much your operations and maintenance efficiency would improve if you had an owner's manual for each facility.

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    CPR saves freeway

    A 2003 physical survey of the Oklahoma City section of Interstate 44 proved to the Oklahoma DOT (ODOT) that the road was in desperate need of repair.

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    The greenest street in Chicago

    Each spring, large quantities of dissolved nutrients (such as nitrogen and phosphorous) are transported from the upper Midwest into what is called the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone — an oxygen-deficient area that grows to approximately 8,000 square miles each year and cannot support marine life.

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    Conquering corrosion

    A reader wrote to tell me that the safety lighting on his dump truck bodies was flickering.

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    State road agency harnesses the wind

    Tucked in the back parking lot of a Maryland State Highway Administration maintenance facility, this 60-foot Potomac Wind Energy turbine generates an average of 700 kW hours of energy each month.

  • Stimulus boosts county's water effort

    Tucson, Ariz., is getting an infrastructure facelift under a plan to upgrade and replace two aging treatment plants.


  • Common green concepts spread beyond structures

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    20+ agencies honored for pavement projects

    The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA), Skokie, Ill., announced the winners of its 20th Annual Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards — recognizing the engineers, contractors, and project owners whose expertise have produced high-quality pavement for streets, roads, highways, and...

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    What's a Manager to Do?

  • How to quantify the long-term benefits of infrastructure spending

    Success in stimulus spending is measured primarily by more jobs and less fraud. But while easily quantifiable, these criteria don't help recipients show taxpayers the long-term benefits of their $787-billion investment.

  • EPA beats almost all other agencies in processing funds

    Only the National Endowment for the Arts - which received a paltry $50 million - is ahead of the EPA in allocating its stimulus allotment.