Peristaltic pumps

The 720 Series pumps are designed to handle corrosive, abrasive, and sensitive fluids. The units offer flow rates ranging from 0.08 to 400 gal./min. at 230 psi, and they offer a smaller footprint than other pumps with similar flow rates. The products provide low shear and non-contact pumping with minimal down-time. In addition, the pumps' tube elements are easy to maintain. Choose from analog or digital control systems. Watson-Marlow Bredel Pumps.

UV disinfection

The company offers a new medium-pressure ultraviolet reactor. Meeting both requirements from the EPA and stringent German regulations for UV disinfection, the system is the first closed-vessel, medium-pressure UV system to pass muster with the National Water Research Institute's standard for reuse of wastewater. Aquionics Inc.

Geodesic tank covers

The company's clear-span, aluminum geodesic dome tank covers are suitable for all types of cylindrical tanks, both new and retrofits. The covers are made of materials that offer a high degree of corrosion resistance. The design provides for fast, efficient installation on tanks from 11 ft. in diameter, and no support columns are required. Geodome.

Diaphragm valve

This three-piece Teflon diaphragm provides superior safety and protection against harsh chemicals. Standard on all of the company's Teflon diaphragm valves, the feature creates a gas barrier that blocks leakage. The first layer is a layer of Teflon, the second a thin layer of polyvinylidene fluoride, which prevents vapor migration. The third layer is EDPM, an elastomeric material that provides flexibility. Asahi/America Inc.

Twin-shaft grinders

Annihilator grinders have twin shafts for solids reduction; the design ensures that harsh solids in the primary sludge stream are ground uniformly and efficiently. The units offer optimized cutter combinations and a one-piece flange housing. The mechanical seal and bearing are on separate stainless-steel sleeves, which helps avoid down-time and maintenance associated with having to replace complete bearing/seal cartridges. Moyno Inc.

Digital flow measurement

The FlowCom FC101 register can provide flow rate and volumetric totalized flow data for the company's Water Specialties propeller meter. The tool features an easy-to-read, two-line display. The five-digit first line indicates flow rate; the eight-digit bottom line provides volumetric flow data. Users can select up to 22 different measurement units, including gallons, cubic feet, and liters. In addition, the product can be read directly or remotely. McCrometer.

Sewer pipe

SaniTite sanitary sewer pipe, constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), resists damage from abrasion and corrosion. Its watertight joint prevents water infiltration and sewer exfiltration. The dual-wall product is lightweight, easy to handle and cut, and can withstand acidic and alkaline soils and chemicals. Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.

Insertion valve

EZ insertion valves, in sizes from 4 to 12 in., require no tapping machine or other heavy equipment. The gear needed for installation can fit in the trunk of a car, and the product can be put in place in less than an hour. The internal gate can be removed or replaced under pressure—no need to fetch the installation equipment for the task. Advanced Valve Technologies LLC.

Chlorine testing

Chlorosense provides a quick, easy-to-use alternative to tablets. The system consists of the electrochemical testing unit and single-use, disposable sensors. It measures both total and free chlorine levels at the same time, and records the results in less than a minute. Because the test is straightforward, accuracy of results do not depend on technique, as is the case with the DPD method. Palintest USA.

Turbidity analysis

The Rosemount Analytical Model 1056 instrument now offers turbidity measurement. The product is offered as a single-or dual-input analyzer that offers a wide choice of measurements, including turbidity, ph/ORP/ISE, conductivity, oxygen, chlorine, and ozone. The easy-to-use analyzer has a large, high-contrast LCD display, intuitive menu screens, and embedded diagnostics. Emerson Process Management.

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