Project management

Hard Dollar 2007.1 enables users to integrate Primavera and Microsoft scheduling applications to manage project costs, resources, and scheduling. Users can quickly transfer real-time data between programs to help plan projects, gauge their progress, and audit their overall success. In addition, it can be used to create easy-to-comprehend schedules from complex project plans, which can aid in presentations to city officials. Hard Dollar Corp.

Vehicle tracking

The Alurte system includes GPS-based tracking, mapping, and alerts designed to foster information sharing in a fleet, from the driver to the front office. Using real-time maps of individual truck locations and movement, a supervisor can tell if a driver is speeding, idling, or involved in unauthorized use. Receive instant e-mail alerts from any Internet or wireless connection. The product offers reports and summaries to help managers improve efficiency and cut costs. Routeware Inc.

Civil planning

Civil 2008 provides comprehensive features to assist a city in planning large subdivisions, and all the infrastructure surrounding such a complex project. Different components offer automated earthwork, road design, and fully integrated hydrology and storm sewer design. Its ease of use enables city engineers to reduce time and save money in planning and executing large projects. Carlson Software.

Bypass pump

Suitable for a range of bypass pumping and dewatering jobs, the sound-attenuated SA DV-150i portable 6-inch pump can handle solids up to 3 inches, flows up to 2600 gallons per minute, and heads up to 195 feet. The corrosion-resistant galvanized trailer offers dual-wall fuel cell containment and compact footprint. In addition, the product offers good suction lift capability. Rain for Rent. .

Pre-packaged water treatment

The MegaMagnum water treatment system uses large (18 inches in diameter) spiral-wound, reverse-osmosis elements, which help reduce the cost, footprint, and installation time of a water treatment facility. A single element contains 2800 square feet of surface area. Four different configurations are offered, with nominal flow capacities ranging from 0.5 million to 2 million gallons per day. The standard package includes flowmeters, pressure transmitters, conductivity meter, and other accessories. Koch Membrane Systems.

Moldboard extensions

These wings extend the moldboard of a plow 10 inches on each side, helping direct snow toward the center. This feature lets operators plow large areas quickly. To attach, simply bolt the wings through the moldboard with two pins. The wings are compatible with the company's ST or C steel moldboards. Meyer Products LLC.