These two skid-steer loaders are working together to clear snow and spread salt on a pedestrian walkway. Photo: Bobcat Co.

While snowplows mounted on dump or pickup trucks are the workhorses of snow removal, they can't reach all the areas where snow needs to be cleared — such as pedestrian areas, along a bridge's concrete walls, and on boulevards. Compact equipment can.

To effectively remove snow with compact equipment, select the best attachment for the task. For example, a snow blade attachment moves snow to the side just like a snowplow mounted on a pickup or dump truck — yet the compact machine gets the blade where the trucks can't reach. A snow V-blade pushes snow to one side or both sides at the same time, which is beneficial when snow storage capacity is limited.

Angle brooms are ideal for light snowfalls to keep ice from forming. If ice or compacted snow has already formed, a scraper breaks up the snow and ice to leave a smooth and clean surface.

Snow buckets have a higher back with more capacity to move large amounts of snow to storage areas or to load on trucks. Snow pushers also move large amounts of snow.

Snow blowers make space for new snow by casting to storage areas. A compact loader with a snow blower can remove snow from around light poles, mile-posts, crash barriers, and guard rails.

A snow blower with a truck-loading chute picks up and loads snow into trucks. It can be used on all-wheel steer, skid-steer, and compact track loaders, as well as utility work machines.

There are two types of spreader attachments for salt and sand — one mounts on the front of equipment and the other mounts on the rear. A rear spreader on a utility work machine accomplishes two tasks at the same time, eliminating the need for multiple passes. A snow-blower, snow blade, or angle blade in the front clears snow while the spreader in the rear places sand or salt.

Snow removal in tight areas doesn't have to be difficult. By equipping compact equipment with the right attachments, snow can be quickly removed.

— Christopher Weishaar is a technical writer with Two Rivers Marketing, Des Moines, Iowa. Information provided by Bobcat Co., Fargo, N.D.