Urethane floor enamel

ArmorSeal 1K is a one-component urethane floor enamel that provides performance comparable to a two-component system without the need for mixing. It provides outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance, excellent color and gloss retention, resistance to hot-tire pick-up, and excellent adhesion and appearance in high-traffic areas. It dries fast, meets all VOC regulations, and is suitable for USDA-inspected facilities. Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings, World of Concrete Booth S10711. www.pwmag.com/06jan1.

Geotextile BMP

Ultra-DrainGuard keeps sediment and other pollutants from entering the water system. Made from geotextile materials, it absorbs oil, grease, and other hydrocarbons while removing silt, dirt, and sediment from stormwater flow. The product is a best management practice that helps meet regulations. UltraTech International Inc., World of Concrete Booth S13721. www.pwmag.com/06jan2.

Project collaboration program

By leveraging basic e-mail, CMiC Input/Output allows stakeholders to participate in project collaboration in real time. An enhancement to the company's Project Management software, it reads project-related e-mails, looks for keywords and takes all relevant data in the e-mail and updates the correct project objects in the management system. Attachments also are stored in the system. Using artificial intelligence, the more keywords included, the more updates the program creates. CMiC, World of Concrete Booth N2145. www.pwmag.com/C06jan3.

Rugged laser level

The Spectra Precision Laser LL400 is a durable laser level with lighthouse protection for the beam. The unit can withstand a 3-foot drop onto concrete or a tripod tip-over from 5 feet. It is also highly accurate with temperature calibration for long distances. The anti-strobe sensor eliminates false laser strikes. The unit comes with a HR550 laser receiver. Spectra Precision Lasers by Trimble, World of Concrete Booth C4847. www.pwmag.com/06jan4.

Polyurethane crack sealer

Crack-Pac Flex-H20 is a single-component, hydrophobic polyurethane ideal for sealing leaking and non-leaking cracks in concrete and solid masonry. It is packaged in a single-tube cartridge that is dispensed from a caulking tool. When the resin encounters water as it is injected into the crack, it foams and expands to provide a flexible seal. Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Systems, World of Concrete Booth N1645. www.pwmag.com/06jan5.

Project management program

With Timberline Office 2005, users can access specific modules for accounting, estimating, project management, procurement, property management, service management, and reporting. It also links to external Web sites, other applications, and various information needed to perform a job. Users can simplify reconciliation of sub ledgers to the general ledger, view account status at a glance, and receive automatic, timely, and tailored information via the Web. Sage Software/Sage Timberline Office, World of Concrete Booth N2503. www.pwmag.com/06jan6.

Enhanced shop vac

The self-cleaning Pulse-Bac LD features three improvements, adding to its performance. Its vacuum motor offers more lift and more cubic feet per minute than previous models. A redesigned electronic board allows the vacuum to maintain peak performance for longer periods of time. Also, a new spun-bond polyester filter media captures dust particles as small as 0.3 micron. CDCLarue Industries Inc., World of Concrete Booth S10607. www.pwmag.com/06jan7.

Copper flashing

York Shield HP flashing features 7-ounce copper laminated on one side only for tensile strength and galvanic isolation. It is suitable for exposed applications while leaving the surface uncoated for its decorative appeal. The product is used for chimney and valley flashing in exposed applications. Its ease of installation and reduced cost makes it an attractive alternative to 16-ounce coppers. York Mfg., World of Concrete Booth C8509. www.pwmag.com/06jan8.

Durable work light

Bright, durable, and virtually indestructible, the 36-inch Wobble Light is a self-righting work light that can take a severe beating from workers, debris, and drops. An internal ventilation system keeps the light cool enough to touch. The lights can be strung in a series or used individually. No set up is required; just plug it in. Wobble Light, World of Concrete Booth N2844. www.pwmag.com/06jan9.

Tire pressure control

The Tireboss tire pressure control system allows a driver to optimize the vehicle's tire pressure at the touch of a button. This central tire inflation technology allows for a reduction in tire pressure to suit load and speed conditions, and re-inflation once the conditions change. A maximized footprint results in numerous mobility benefits and operational efficiencies. TPC International, World of Concrete Booth O21525. www.pwmag.com/06jan10.

Rubberized-asphalt membrane

TREMproof CRA (cold rubberized asphalt) is a cost-effective alternative to hot rubberized asphalt. It provides a 215-mil watertight membrane in one pass without the need for reinforcement or priming on fully cured concrete, and without the cost and liability associated with hot-applied systems. It can be applied to green concrete, cutting at least 14 days from construction schedules, and cures within hours. Its easy application allows laborers to install twice as many square feet of material. Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing, World of Concrete Booths S10737. www.pwmag.com/06jan11.