Trailer-mounted asphalt recycler
Trailer-mounted asphalt recycler

Use reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), hardened virgin hot mix, and millings to sustainably repair potholes and utility cuts on streets, roads, and bike paths all year.

This combination asphalt recycler and hot-mix transporter achieves a 92% combustion efficiency rating with a one-piece, vacuum-formed ceramic fiber combustion chamber rated for more than 2,000 degrees F. As a result, the unit uses less fuel, releases less carbon and nitrogen oxide, and produces less of the sooty waste byproduct that compromises performance by dirtying cad cells. The hopper walls are also a single piece to keep moisture from wicking into the insulation and forming rust.

The portion of the hopper floor located beyond the rear hopper wall creates a heated worktable that keeps asphalt from falling on the ground when the material door is opened and warms asphalt in cold temperatures. Curbside handle means crews operate the door while standing out of traffic.

The single-axle trailer has electric brakes and safety breakaway. Height: 70 in. Width: 83 in. Length: 14 ft. GVWR: 7,000 lbs. Complies with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and National Association of Trailer Manufacturers requirements.

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