This live construction camera comes with free software that ignores animals, debris, and other innocuous objects so operators are notified only of real security threats.

Crossroads Manufacturing is proud to announce the Worksite Hawk, an innovative worksite monitoring and security product poised to put owners and managers at the forefront of a revolution in management efficiency.

The team at Crossroads Mfg. utilized decades of expertise in an array of relevant fields to design and produce the Worksite Hawk. With the needs of the dynamic owner and manager in mind, COO Keith Niehaus and his team have developed a monitoring and security product that keeps its operator informed and in charge around the clock.

The Worksite Hawk offers more than a boost to worksite productivity and improved security; it grants the user peace of mind. It features a state-of-the-art PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) camera that offers a 360 degree viewing of the work area, ensuring that the operator can effectively monitor sites from afar to keep track of concerns such as worker productivity, project progress, and material arrival. Free, userfriendly software enables 24-hour viewing of sites from desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets, while also recording and storing an incredible 200 days of video footage. An adjustable telescoping mast offers a superior vantage point for monitoring any activity or site, while a GPS device keeps the operator informed of the unit’s precise location.

The Worksite Hawk is a big step forward for worksite monitoring equipment, directly answering issues and shortcomings of existing products with cutting-edge technology integration. Its compact size leaves a worksite footprint that’s unprecedentedly small, while also allowing for easy storage and economical shipping. Internal wiring protects the unit from tampering, vandalism, and weather. Video consists of real-time footage instead of still shots, while a solar-powered, no-maintenance AGM battery bank provides constant functionality year round.

The unit’s software notifies the operator when security breaches or events have occurred, instantly sending alerts via text or email. A bright strobe light activates, illuminating the area, and the events are marked by the software, so operators can instantly review the recordings instead of manually sorting through hours of footage. Sophisticated technology automatically detects people and vehicles, highlighting them helpfully frame by frame so their movements can be easily tracked. The software also recognizes and ignores small animals, debris, and other innocuous objects to avoid false alarms, ensuring that when an event notification comes through, it can be treated seriously.

Crossroads Mfg.

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