GIS tool uses “Big Data” to resolve traffic-design challenges.

The scale and availability of historical data has grown exponentially within the last few years. At this year’s Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB), PTV Group introduces a smart visualization tool that is specialized for Big Data in traffic related projects. PTV Visum Data Analytics is a powerful GIS tool aimed at supporting GIS specialists and transportation professionals alike.

PTV Visum Data Analytics combines map data with any traffic-related input and spatial
information, visualizes all data, allowing users to understand their networks in order to
develop smart strategies and solutions. PTV Visum Data Analytics assists in getting
started with graphical data analysis without prior modelling work, by offering powerful, yet
easy-to-use visualization tools.

New GIS tool offers efficient data aggregation
“Using one platform, we close the gap between GIS and modelling teams and provide
users with a quick and efficient data aggregation and data processing engine”, says
Koenraad Verduyn, Director Direct Sales at PTV Group. “Based on PTV Visum, the new
PTV Visum Data Analytics GIS tool is equipped with best-in-class software development
technology. A powerful tool in its own right it also offers a logical upgrade path to other
aspects of transport planning, such as demand modeling or road safety analysis.” Further
use cases include Hot Spot Analysis, Travel Time Monitoring as well as Before-After
Analysis. Interested professionals will find detailed information at

PTV Group.

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