High-friction surfacing system

Accidents fell from an average of 6/year to zero after the Pennsylvania DOT applied Safe-T-Grip - with no other safety improvements - to a section of Route 662 in Berks County. The product cuts braking distance in half and decreases the likelihood of hydroplaning. After the epoxy-resin is poured, skid-resistant aggregate is applied to asphalt, concrete, metal, and wood surfaces. Pavement can be opened to traffic within two to three hours of installation. It's available in UV-resistant blue, red, green, or yellow stone to draw attention to medians and walkways. Traffic Management USA. www.trafficcalmingusa.comyfvdfdzdrbywwacuw.

Yoke-mount luminaire

Available in asymmetric and symmetric lighting distributions and Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) full cutoff, cutoff and semi-cutoff, this mount complements the Prague pendant-mount fixture in the company's line of GlasWerks II fixtures. Choose cylindrical, sag, prismatic bowl, tear drop, or flat glass for a wide selection of low- and high-wattage lamp sources in high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide, and induction. It is available in black, green, white, or bronze housing. Holophane. www.holophane.com.

Live, multilane traffic information

Designed with the help of state and federal transportation authorities, the solar-powered TrailerCam Advanced System provides automatically triggered travel time estimates via variable-message sign (VMS), e-mail, and the Internet. The system's software collects and displays density, volume, speed, and vehicle class by lane for up to 10 lanes; each lane flow is calculated automatically in 5-minute increments and archived in weekly, monthly, and annual segments. It resists up to 90-mph winds untethered; the locking mast extends up to 42 ft. for overviews of traffic or work zone activity. EarthCam Inc. www.earthcam.net.

Tool-less access to lamp, ballast compartments

The Scilux provides Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) Type II, III, IV, or V-square light distributions as well as Type FT with sharp rear cutoff. It is dark-sky compliant and UL-listed for wet locations. The Model SCX measures 32x20x13.5 in. and accommodates mogul base lamps from 150 to 400 W; the Model SCXM measures 24x15x10 in. and uses medium base lamps from 70 to 175 W. Both models can be wall- or pole-mounted on square or round poles, and installed as single fixtures or in twin, triple, or quadruple clusters. The optical system rotates in 90-degree increments. U.S. Architectural Lighting. www.usaltg.com.

Early Americana LED fixture

The EverLast Acorn Walkway Smart Light offers an Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) Type III reflector for side-to-side lighting and IES Type V reflector for all-over illumination. It incorporates step-dimming to 50% power as well as on/off sensor controls. An optional perforated metal disk for the refractor reduces light pollution. Full Spectrum Solutions Inc. www.everlastlight.com.

Vintage-detail fixture

Whether mounted on a wall or a pole, the Shorewood houses lamps up to 250 W and offers precise cutoff optics in Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) Type II, III, IV, or V-square light distributions. A self-contained ballast compartment with "quick disconnect" capability allows the electrical module to be unplugged and replaced in seconds. UL-listed for wet locations. Custom colors are available in addition to standard colors including dark bronze, black, white, and silver. Sun Valley Lighting. www.sunvalleylighting.com.

75,000-hour service life

Like all the company's products, the Franklin Square luminaire's optical technology eliminates the "field of dots" display common to most LED light sources to create the appearance of a single light source. Because efficacy increases with color temperature, the luminaire is available in color temperatures ranges from 2,700 through 6,000 kelvin. Finally, assuming an ambient temperature of 13° F, the fixture will maintain a junction temperature of 76° F. Spring City Electrical Manufacturing Co. www.springcity.com.

Streetlight dimming and control system

Based on Echelon Corp.'s LonWorks network-control technology, SmartLights 2.0 software allows engineers to remotely control and monitor high-pressure sodium and metal halide fixtures using a centralized control communication interface or independent fixture control. Rather than specify fixtures that deliver the required minimum light level at the end of their service life, the system meets required levels over the fixture's entire life without over-lighting or excessive energy use. Complies with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) standard NTCIP 1213; also works with power meters and ground-fault detection safety equipment. Strategic Telemetry. www.strategictelemetry.net.

Reusable anchor sockets

The FHWA requires that all non-breakaway sign supports within the clear zone of roads posted at 50 mph or more be replaced by January 2013. The flush-to-the-ground V-Loc sign sockets are National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 350-approved for round, square, and u-channel posts. Traffic & Parking Control Co. Inc. www.tapco.com.

Semi-solid stanchion

The Tough Post is made of a hybrid resin that bends instead of breaking upon impact. Unlike steel and wood poles that require a 24-in. hole for installation, the Tough Post requires only 8 in. Choose from a key locking base or simple sleeve insertion for temporary installation or periodic removal. It's available in five styles and all colors; 10-year service life. U.S. Reflector Co. www.usreflector.com.