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  • Isolation casings stand up to earthquakes

    Isolation casings ensure new connector ramps stay elevated during earthquakes.

  • Protected intersections

    What happens when a cyclist in a bicycle lane reaches an intersection? The solution is a design that continues the protected bike lane with improved sightlines that guides everyone through seamlessly.

  • Protected intersections and MUTCD compliance

    Protected intersections fully comply with existing design standards. “The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is about markings and signs,” says Nick Falbo, senior planner for Alta Planning + Design.

  • Check Out This Award-Winning Roundabout

    I attended World of Concrete in Las Vegas earlier this month. Imagine my surprise at learning about this neat public works project during an American Society of Concrete Contractors awards presentation.

  • Georgetown streetscape improvement

    Entities develop updated streetscape for upscale Washington, D.C. neighborhood.

  • Big Data affects traffic

    Seven steps for addressing the collective impact of Big Data before it's too late.

  • Lining up resources

    An asset management program can be a potent recruiting tool that can move an operation forward.

  • Grade changes threaten road project deadline

    Small changes on big projects can lead to a great deal of extra work. This was the case when an unexpected grade change was required to correct drainage issues.

  • Major water, sewer utility goes all-digital

    After a cloud-based mapping program cut project costs 10%, one of the nation’s largest utilities is deploying its paper-based fieldwork system with a mobile workforce management system.

  • DOT awards five-year on-call contract

    Under the agreement, local public agencies may award task orders for a wide range of road-related engineering services including design, computer modeling, and analytics.

  • Pilot concrete project makes roads safer, more attractive

    For the first time, colored concrete safety barriers are ensuring safety on German roads–and enhancing their visual appeal, too.

  • U.S. Access Board: Board Sponsored Study Examines Impacts of Rough Surfaces on Wheelchair Traffic

    A study funded by the Board was recently completed on how the roughness of pathway surfaces impacts wheelchair travel.

  • How to save 25% on a wayfinding program

    Not involving public works from the beginning will increase costs.

  • How FHWA spends its money

    According to the General Accountability Office, most Federal Highway Administration funding goes toward improving roads and bridges (64%). That doesn't leave a lot for the many activities required to plan and build safe roadways, particularly if they're also going to be used by bicyclists and...

  • Calculate proper pavement thickness with free online tool

    PaveXpress recalibrates AASHTO design guidelines so engineers don’t specify asphalt pavement that’s thicker than it needs to be.

  • No environmental permitting necessary!

    The most recent highway bill directed U.S. DOT to list projects that don’t require full National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review. These new categorical exclusions (CEs)  offer excellent partnering opportunities for highway and rail projects.

  • City made $8M 'entrapping' drivers with red-light cameras

    So far this year, Chicago has issued 77,000 tickets for red-light violations caused, say irate drivers, by laughingly brief yellow lights. The mayor says the city will refund the money, but $8 million is a lot of revenue to let go of.

  • Where to find current parking, striping, signage regs

    QUESTION: A supervisor recently asked me for information on striping and signage of parking lots for ADA compliance, and I found “ADA Business Brief: Restriping Parking Lots” on the Department of Justice website. However, the document is dated January 2002. Is this information still accurate?

  • City pilots temporary sidewalk widening

    The Washington, D.C., Georgetown neighborhood is home to three colleges, so imagine the pedestrian traffic during Parents and Family weekends. To alleviate congestion, 16 extra feet of walkway is temporarily added along commercial streets.

  • FREE asphalt pavement design tool

    AASHTO guidelines are simplified so roadways and parking lots can be scoped using basic design parameters and traffic data.


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