Traffic Control, Routing & Safety Products

  • Visum Data Analytics from PTV Group

    GIS tool uses “Big Data” to resolve traffic-design challenges.

  • Cobalt RackMount controller from Econolite

    The Cobalt RackMount controller makes selecting and programming traffic signal parameters easier.

  • Worksite Hawk from Crossroads Manufacturing

    This live construction camera comes with free software that ignores animals, debris, and other innocuous objects so operators are notified only of real security threats.

  • Color Pavement Marking

    Color-Safe is an MMA based resin system used for area markings and anti-skid surfacing on either asphalt or concrete surfaces.

  • Technology expected to lower crash rate 30 percent

    The Minnesota DOT is testing how well this rural intersection conflict warning system (RICWS) warns drivers that other vehicles are approaching.

  • Stabilizes jobsites without piling or soil replacement

    Three-component system mixes binder into soft soils to create an acceptable base for parking lots and other construction applications.

  • Lightweight retractable fencing

    A single crew member can create an effective barrier between a worksite and traffic with this turnkey system.

  • Nondestructive pavement assessment

    Ground penetrating radar (GPR) reveals deterioration, cracking, delamination, corrosion and other factors that may otherwise remain undetected.

  • Composite roadplates

    Integrated ramp and anti-skid surfaces meet new requirements and high-visibility yellow helps calm traffic.

  • App gives updates on traffic and more

    Available for both iOS and Android devices, the mobile app is available to agencies that subscribe to the maker’s InterFleet program.

  • Wireless traffic monitoring

    Mikros EIC (Eltec Intelligent Controller) DC traffic controller’s conflict monitor continuously checks system communication, signal voltage, signal load current, and battery voltage for solar-powered hybrid beacon and traffic systems.

  • Low profile LED roadway luminaire

    Razar, an ultra-low profile LED luminaire for roadways and public areas.

  • Larson Electronics 3,000 Watt Portable Quadpod Mounted Flood Light

    Larson Electronics has added to its extensive range of industrial grade lighting equipment with the release of a 3,000 watt quadpod mounted work light.

  • Solar Bright visual warning system

    The PATeye visual warning system alerts motorists to icy road conditions. The company is seeking early adopter agencies interested in evaluating the technology.

  • EasyFence Barrier Sleeve

    Barrier Sleeve slides over iron or wooden fence posts to securely attach any type of snow fence, including plastic, wire mesh, and wooden slats up to 1¼ in. wide.

  • McMahon Traisr asset management

    Ideal for fleets and complex campuses, the Traisr Web-based infrastructure and asset-management application relies on GIS to help users track, manage, maintain, and report on vital assets quickly and easily, on the road or off.

  • Conditional Sensor Messaging

    It is now possible to capture and display external device sensor or network data into messages on All Traffic Solutions’ variable message signs.

  • Spray-injection patcher

    Clean pavement with compressed air, apply tack coat, spray-inject emulsion/aggregate mix, finish with dry aggregate, and open the road.

  • Houston-Radar-Armadillo-Tracker-traffic-control1.jpg

    All-in-one vehicle counter

    World's smallest traffic collector comes with everything you need for installation and data collection.

  • Sign-Post-Savers-Sign-Post-Saver-traffic-control-582x10241.jpg

    Reusable sign post breakaway system (video)

    “They love ‘em in repeat-hit areas,” says company owner Josh Wurz, who reports that 94 cities have ordered the product since introduced eight months ago.


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