Between January 2014 and October 2016, over $26.5 million in red-light camera citations have been issued to motorists at a single intersection between the Chicago suburbs of North Riverside and Berwyn. A study in the Riverside-Brookfield Landmark examines how these fines have poured into local municipal coffers and how the money is for a violation, that while illegal, is not recognized by safety experts as a significant threat to public safety.

Domonique Lord, a Lord is a Texas A&M University civil engineering professor specializing in traffic safety, explains why these cameras are not being used for their designated purpose:

Lord told the Landmark that red-light cameras were not designed for the kind of traffic enforcement currently practiced in River Forest, North Riverside and Berwyn -- namely, high-volume ticketing of right-turn violations.

"They should be focused on left turns and running red lights. If they are being used to make money, it's not right because people won't believe in them" as safety devices, Lord said.

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