Street & Roadway Lighting

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    Enlightening technology

    Municipalities can benefit from what commercial and military fleets have learned about LED headlights.

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    Safety around vehicles

    If you think drivers see everything at once, they don't. We focus on one thing at a time.

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    Induction or LED?

    A Long Island, N.Y., community identifies the most cost-effective solution for retrofitting almost 12,000 high-pressure sodium streetlights.

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    Elevate your mind, image, and operation

    The American Public Works Association promises resources and equipment to take your community to the next level.

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    Nashville creates Tennessee's first ‘green’ street

    Low-impact design diverts 1.2 million gallons of runoff annually from the Cumberland River.

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    Web Extras 11/1/2010

    Click here for more info on going green by 2013, an interactive graphic chronicling the first 100 days of the Gulf oil spill, and additional content from this month's issue!

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    Roads to wealth

    Infrastructure lays the groundwork for renewal of an inner-ring suburb.

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    Deciphering LED jargon

    Five things to think about before plunging into energy-efficient lighting.

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    Web Extras 9/1/2010

    Click here for more info on the Hoover Dam Bypass, products from APWA Exhibitors, and additional content from this month's issue!

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    Web Extras 6/1/2010

    Click here for a tree guide, more on reverse auctions, cost-cutting ideas and additional content from this month's issue!

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    Advanced geometry

    A series of innovative roundabouts improves safety and access in an Indianapolis suburb.

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    Revitalize This!

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    ‘Smart’ transportation and the Smart Grid

    Minneapolis debuts the nation's largest remote control and monitoring system for electrical infrastructure.

  • Hybrid streetlights use and outwit Mother Nature

  • Foolproof alternative street-lighting

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    Lighting the Way

    Take a major step in reducing energy consumption.

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    Control Freaks

    How'd you like to treat your street-lighting system as a control network rather than a collection of electrical circuits? The recent coming of age of specialized networking hardware and control software has made such an approach not only feasible, but also economical and relatively easy to install.

  • Street Lighting Innovations

    Technical advances ensure safety and dark sky compliance

  • Where the Sidewalk Ends

    What to consider when installing detectable sidewalk warning surfaces.

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    Out of the Darkness

    Emergencies occur at the least opportune times. Sink holes appear. Utility lines snap. Storms wash out rights of way. When these things happen, it's absolutely essential that your vehicles and crews be seen, especially if it's at night or in the midst of severe weather.


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