San Antonio's Loop 410 freeway is no stranger to traffic troubles. The 8-foot alligator sprawled across the pavement one Sunday morning didn't help.“

"I don't remember any of this in the academy," says city police officer Albert Silva. "There's no procedure on this, other than, 'Don't get bit.'"

Authorities had a heck of a time coaxing the rambunctious reptile off the roadway. Car sirens didn't help. Police threw traffic cones at it—it just snapped at them and tossed them aside. The alligator even attacked a police car, biting a sizable chunk out of the bumper.

Finally, officers used a lasso and metal poles to coax the alligator into a nearby drainage ditch, which led to a lake.

State game warden David Chavez is scratching his head as to why the gator hit the highway. “They keep to themselves—they don't go out looking for trouble.”

Maybe it just needed a ride to Ft. Worth?