The company’s post-top lights can be updated to LED technology.
Sentry Electric’s newest post-top LED luminaires can be used for new construction, or can be configured as retrofit kits for use with existing Sentry installations. New streamlined designs came about as a result of advances in LED chip and driver technology, which have resulted in luminaires that:
• Consume less energy
• Have increased system efficacy
• Have extended light source life
• Have improved photometric control
• Are suited to modular component design concepts
• Maintain the optical and physical appearance of historically-styled post-tops
• Are lighter in weight, which simplifies handling and shipping

At the core of Sentry’s new luminaires are the Fortimo HBM light engine and Xitanium driver from Philips. The Fortimo HBM is Zhaga-compliant, which means that LED modules conform to an industry standard that allows for simplified future upgrades and maintenance. The Xitanium driver, working in conjunction with the Fortimo HBM, has a broad feature set that includes integration with lighting control systems as well as a thermal protection system.

Sentry LED luminaires have superior optical control by virtue of intricately designed internal reflectors. Available distributions include Type 5, Type 3, and Type 3 with BLR (Backlight Reduction). The BLR option, which helps the user meet stringent light trespass requirements, minimizes light output on the house side, and controls increased light levels on the street side.

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