Minnesota DOT is working on a multimodal project that includes an express lane that promises reliable travel times. Lane use is optional, and free for carpoolers, buses, and motorcycles — but it could cost solo drivers as much as $8, depending on traffic. We asked if you think optional express lanes with fluctuating tolls are a good way to control traffic and generate revenues.

Reader comments:

Sounds like a good idea because it is optional and has a sliding scale that's traffic-dependent. If you are really in a hurry, the premise is you are willing to pay more to get through faster — and that is the choice you make. The key will be whether or not the lanes are really faster. If they prove not to be, they will become unused and a waste of money. Also, the travel times in the express lane must be posted and accurate!

If this costs $8 it better move along on the wings of Mercury! I am originally from Minnesota and in January NO ROAD in Minneapolis/St. Paul is dry enough to give me my $8 worth.

Solo drivers only pay tolls if the traffic is really bad or they are rushed. For example, in off-peak hours San Diego has 20 miles of four empty lanes in the middle of I-15.

Creative! Users pay for convenience everywhere else.

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