Long-Run Light Tower
Long-Run Light Tower

Wanco Inc., has teamed with McKinley Services & Equipment, an experienced provider of specialized industrial solutions, to develop and manufacture a revolutionary light tower that is so efficient, it provides more light than traditional metal halide light towers while using just a fraction of the fuel.

Wanco’s new Long-Run Light Tower uses high-efficiency LED lights that require comparatively little power. The use of LED lights paired with exclusive engine innovations results in far less fuel consumption during operation, and when combined with a larger fuel tank, the Long-Run Light Tower achieves an average of 225 hours of run time before refueling. This not only reduces direct fuel costs, but also saves time and labor costs related to refueling and maintenance, leading to a smaller carbon footprint.

The standard model is perfect for construction sites and road work zones. Ultra-quiet operation minimizes noise pollution and a built-in fluid containment system protects against ground contamination from leaks and spills, adding to its eco-friendly features. Multiple options such as electric winches, a cold weather start package and an off-road trailer package are available to customize the Long-Run Light Tower for work in harsh, polar and remote environments.

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