In testing conducted at the Texas Transportation Institute, this surface-mounted channelizer survived 100 impacts at 60 mph.

Pexco is introducing the City Post SM, which provides a new installation option for its high performance City Post. In recent testing, the City Post SM set new standards for bolt-down channelizers in durability, ultra-high impact resistance, and superior strength. The City Post SM remains flexible, even at extremely high and low temperatures, and returns to a full upright position even after 100 impacts at 60 mph (100 km/h).

According to Peter Speer, VP of Sales at Pexco, “One of the most important benefits to road authorities is how the City Post SM can help to dramatically reduce the cost of maintaining channelizer posts over time. Many posts with a lower initial price wind up costing far more – often within the very first year of installation – because they have to be replaced so frequently. Any initial cost savings with a less expensive, less durable post are quickly eliminated and worker risk is greatly increased. Frequent replacement of failed posts puts workers in harm’s way more often than necessary. We have been in the business of creating products to save lives since 1983. One of the most crucial ways we do that is by keeping workers out of harm’s way with products like the City Post SM.”

Enhanced Performance Raises the Bar
The City Posts were subjected to severe endurance testing at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI). The TTI test vividly demonstrated the durability of the City Post, with every post surviving 100 impacts at 60 MPH. The test deck was designed to subject the posts to the NTPEP test protocol requiring both bumper and wheel-over impacts. The City Post SM meets MUTCD and NCHRP 350 requirements for channelizing devices and is EN 13422 and EM 12767 Certified.

Key benefits of using the City Post for road authorities include:
• Minimal maintenance
• One post for both high speed and low speed installations
• Long life of post assembly makes this post highly cost effective

Key features of the City Post SM:
• High-performance, superior durability
• Durability of polyurethane
• 360 degree visibility
• All materials Made-in-America!

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