The VGAN 300 series aluminum parapet is an aesthetically designed and appealing bridge barrier system tested and accepted to NCHRP 350 TL-3 and TL-4. Once erected it requires very little maintenance, providing lower whole life costs with an almost unlimited life expectancy.

. Modular system with 3 extruded aluminum rails

. Cast aluminum single piece supporting posts

. Low maintenance with long life expectancy

. Quick and easy to install

. 66% lighter then steel

. Weather-proof, corrosion-resistant & immune to UV rays

. Transition to TL-4 Thrie-beam

. Transition to standard 12g W-Beam

. Custom transitions available

. Mesh infill option

Constructed from aluminum the VGAN 300 offers a high resistance to corrosion. There is no maintenance required as with some other materials, offering a lower whole life cost, with an almost unlimited life expectancy The design is more aesthetically appealing over conventional systems.

MDS Barriers.

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