• SpraySmart marking paint system from Rust-Oleum

    The SpraySmart system is a reusable marking paint system that uses disposable, propellant-free paint pouches in a compression device. This system eliminates can disposal costs while maintaining the current processes and procedures of locators.

  • K-Tec Expands into Land Leveler Market

    K-Tec Earthmovers introduce a line of premium, heavy-duty land leveler box scrapers for the construction, agriculture, and landscaping industries.

  • The new Lifter Plus from Rock Mills

    The Lifter safely and efficiently removes manhole covers and drainage grates. In most cases, removing covers and grates is as simple as pushing a button on a remote control.

  • New Mobile Odor Control Technology

    A global leader in atomized mist technology has announced the next evolution in odor suppression, introducing a new line of mobile equipment specifically engineered to disperse airborne treatments to manage large areas such as landfills, waste treatment facilities, or any large-scale operation that...

  • Hotbox reclaimer

    Machine’s burner and key components are located above the frame, resulting in a fraction of the maintenance costs of similar equipment.

  • Truck-mounted asphalt patcher

    Manual control units help realize savings while offering from the ground in front of the truck.

  • Electronic signage

    Multiphase capability that allows for multiple messages means Mobility LED blank out signs can be used for almost any application.

  • Streetworks Verdeon LED roadway luminaire from Eaton

    Achieve maximum pole spacing and uniformity when replacing 50- to 150-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures or building new streets and roads.

  • SSG Series UPS units from Falcon Electric

    Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solves power problems for intelligent traffic systems in harsh environments.

  • Upgraded PowrLiner Series from Titan

    Models 4955, 6955, and 8955 provide more control, convenience, and comfort when striping pavement, grass, or turf.

  • 550K, 650K, and 700K crawler dozers from John Deere

    Final Tier 4-compliant machines feature an updated electro-hydraulic (EH) control system.

  • 17G and 26G compact excavators from John Deere

    Both Final Tier 4-compliant machines have a third service door so operators and technicians can better access daily maintenance checkpoints.

  • FP5 flameless pothole patcher from Bergkamp

    Insulated 5.1-cubic-yard hopper keeps asphalt pliable for extended periods of time.

  • MA30 mastic applicator from Bergkamp

    A mixture of asphalt emulsion, ?ne aggregates, recycled materials, polymers, and catalysts, this surface treatment minimizes future maintenance needs.

  • Asphalt and concrete reconstruction & repair products

    These products will help public works departments place and maintain long-lasting asphalt and concrete pavement that meets federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

  • Road Science introduces a new Asphalt Emulsifier

    ArrMuls 1315 offers emulsion producers enhanced emulsion stability, while enabling faster paving for contractors.

  • Mill asphalt pavement quickly

    Mill pavement at conventional speeds to save fuel or run faster to finish the job sooner.

  • Quick-change application system

    Brooms come in 2 1/2-in. polypropylene, 3-in. horsehair, and 3-in. Tampico. Squeegees are 60 durometer 3-in.-by-5/16-in. neoprene rubber.

  • Screed endgates

    Rather than replacing the entire endgate, the V3’s easy-on, easy-off platform saves asphalt paving time by allowing crews to quickly swap attachment shoes.

  • Electric heater keeps asphalt pliant

    Lo-Density storage tank heaters dissipate controlled heat as low as three watts per square inch to prevent coking and damage to asphalt, light and heavy fuel oils, diesel, biodiesel, lube oils, hydraulic fluids, resins/epoxies, and anything else sensitive to high temperatures.


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